Sunday, October 4, 2015

a glimpse into my planner from this year

i thought i would share a glimpse into my planner i'm using this year gets filled up.  i love adding photos with my happy printer.  i'm so happy i bought that printer!  it makes the perfect sized photos for me. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

planner prep

i'm having a blast working on ahead on my 2016 planner.  i've been sharing some of my work in this planner all along this year.  here is another snippet of some of my work in it.

Friday, October 2, 2015

week 41 daily journal

week 41 prompt - are you true to yourself or do you try to please others?
this week's prompt was brought about by finding myself in a situation of trying to please someone and ignoring my own needs and desires.  i admit it.  i've been a people pleaser my whole life.  the older i get the more i realize i'm a people too!  i am teaching myself to say no.  i can say no sometimes without too much thought having to go into the decision.  but then there are other times i go back and forth on whether or not to say no or to do it.  i have a strong desire to want to be such a good person that i struggle with whether or not saying no is a good or bad thing.

part of me believes that you do have to be true to yourself, because at the end of the day, you have to find your own joy and happiness within yourself.  it's important to find a balance in life that is healthy on all levels - physically, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.  i am still learning to say no to meet all that criteria.

what about you?  do you try to please others more than you please yourself?


Thursday, October 1, 2015

the roc nicholas design team post

today the roc nicholas design team post is brought to you by corrie herriman.  she has used quite a few of my rubber stamps to create this beautiful artwork.  she used one of my latest released stamps, ellie, as well as heart vine, unleash yourself and just be u.

to see more of corrie's work, go over to her blog by clicking here.

to see the stamps corrie used to create this piece, as well as all my other rubber stamps, please click here.

Friday, September 25, 2015

week 40 daily planner

week 40 prompt - are you spiteful?
this week's prompt was brought on talking about how spiteful i use to be.  the old adage, "you'll cut off your nose to spite your face" was probably said about me.  heavens forbid you'd tell me no.  that would surely get my dander up and i'd do what ever you told me not to do just out of spite.  i'm not proud of that personality trait, but it is the truth about who i was.  i think i've mellowed over the years which has allowed me some wiggle room to say i'm better.  i will admit, however, that to this day, i still don't like to be told "no".  i'd like to think i'm a bit more mature and wouldn't be so spiteful as to go ahead and do it anyway, but there are some who know me that may find cause to argue.  i continue to work on it, always striving for a kinder, gentler roc to emerge,  but just to be on the safe side - if you are talking to me - refrain from using the word no.

what about you?  are you spiteful?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

the roc nicholas rubber stamp design team pos

today the roc nicholas rubber stamp design team post is brought to you by karen hayselden.  omg...isn't this just so flippin' adorable?  she used my camper rubber stamp to create this piece.  that little camper is just so near and dear to my heart and i truly love what she has done with it. 

to see more of karen's work, or this particular piece, please head on over to her blog by clicking here.

to see this stamp, or all of my rubber stamp images at please click here.

Friday, September 18, 2015

week 39 daily planner

week 39 prompt - remind yourself of something positive about yourself
this week's prompt was in response to that internal dialogue we sometimes find ourselves having.  it's so easy to doubt ourselves,  to find fault in our personality traits, and to focus on negative aspects of ourselves.  we wonder if we're nice enough,or if we give enough, or do we love enough.  the older i get, the more i find myself seeking the true spiritual qualities of, not only life, but of myself.  i am always gently urged by synchronicities of life, to go with the flow and to accept myself as i am - perfectly imperfect.

what is something positive you can say about yourself?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

design team call


i am looking for a few enthusiastic, talented and friendly artists to join my rubber stamp design team.  you will be responsible for creating art that promotes my rubber stamp line which is sold through

this design team call is open to everyone, however,  the use of my rubber stamps is required, not only during your term, but also for your submissions to apply for the team.  i need to be able to see how creative you can be with my stamps.  my stamps are designed to be cut apart and used in new to make new images. 

the call will be open until sept 30th.  The new design team members will be announced in october.  should you be selected i will need a photos and a short biography so i can include it in the announcement.  you will start creating for the design team starting november 2015.

design team requirements: 

1.  have a blog and/or social media avenues for sharing your artwork
2.  have a love of my rubber stamps (sold through stampotique) and have them available to work with
3.  an ability to create unique artistic projects using my rubber stamps
4.  must commit to a 6 month term
5.  ability to make project deadline of one project per month.  you will be assigned the same day each
6.  must be able to take excellent project photos (clear and properly exposed photos).
7.  must be willing to comment on other team members' projects
8.  a willingness to participate in occasional special assignments that coincide with newly released
     stamps, blog hops and facebook group swaps

if being part of my design team interests you, please follow the directions below to apply.  i will looking forward to reviewing your application.

how to apply for my design team:

1.  email me at with the subject heading "DT Application".
2.  in your email please include your name, physical address and email address
     that you'd like me to use to contact you.  
3.  tell me about yourself briefly. i want to know more about you and what you feel you can bring to
     my design team.
4.  please send me at least 3 project photos that you consider to be your best work using my rubber
     stamps as your main image.
6.  include a link to your blog and any other place you think you will be show casing
     your design team projects so that i might see what your creativity looks like. 

if you are selected for my design team you will have the opportunity to have your work showcased on my blog.  i will also be doing a feature article on you and your art.  you will be part of a truly fabulous team of like minded artists.  i hope to see your application soon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

the roc nicholas design team post

today the roc nicholas rubber stamp design team post is brought to you by samantha read.  look how fabulously she made my vintage camper stamp look!!!   i absolutely LOVE it!  if you want to see more about this piece of art head over to sam's blog by clicking here.

to see this latest released stamp,  and all of my other rubber stamps, please hop over to by clicking here.

Friday, September 11, 2015

week 38 daily planner

week 38 prompt - what was your most favorite present ever?
this week's planner page was prompted by recalling a memory of a bicycle i received for christmas one year.  i asked for a bike and what i received was beyond my wildest expectations.  waking up that christmas morning and finding a special bike waiting just for me was thrilling.  it was the most beautiful blue with white trim and big white seat.  it had a wonderful wicker basket strapped on the handle bars.  it was truly a dream bike.  in those days there weren't speed bikes.  it had one speed and stopped by pushing the peddles backwards.  we lived in the pocono mountain area but that didn't stop me from riding my bike every where.  to this day it is one of my happiest memories of a gift i received.

what about you?  what was your most favorite gift?