Friday, January 23, 2015

what i'm doing in my 2015 planner

i'm still working faithfully in my planner i made for this year, and i'm thoroughly enjoying it.  this week i have been thinking about judgements.  sadly i admit i do make them from time to time. i realize that it nothing short of grievous when i make them.  it is unfair of me to do that because i truly do believe we never know what the other person is feeling and experiencing in their lives to cause their behaviors.  it is something i definitely will be praying about and working on harder than ever.

what started this whole thought for this page was this sentence i found in a little kid's book quite a while ago.  when i was glancing through the pages for some reason this sentence jumped out at me.  i cute it out and put in my little pile of stuff to use later.  when i was rummaging through my clippings i saw it while something was going on in my personal life that i couldn't understand.

it's hard to watch other people, especially people you love dearly, live a life that makes no sense to you.  it's easy to think about it in a way that presents judgments.  i'm never proud of myself when that happens.  i always work myself through my thoughts with prayer, and i eventually come to the same conclusion that it is their journey with god and not mine.  i do my best to give it over to him.  he certainly knows better than i do.

so having that little bit of background and understanding that the sentence "making fun of a person" doesn't mean literally that i am making fun of a just means making judgments.  this is the page i've come  up with this week.
my week 5 prompt - what is something you do that you'd like to change about yourself?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

the roc nicholas rubber stamp design team post

today the roc nicholas rubber stamp design team post is by karen (kassa) hayselden.  what a terrific job she did!  it's just incredibly done using my bunny rubber stamp, my unleash yourself stamp, and my art junkie rubber stamp. 

look at the details up close
to see more about this terrific piece of art please visit karen's blog by clicking here.   if you'd like to add any of the stamps she used to create this piece of art please go to where my rubber stamps are sold by clicking here.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

the roc nicholas rubber stamp facebook swap

the roc nicholas rubber stamp facebook group is having an altered envelope swap.  if you love roc nicholas rubber stamps please head on over and join in on the fun by clicking here!

Friday, January 16, 2015

my planner progress

ever since i was young i have wanted a teacup chihauhau.  my husband thinks i'm a little crazy because he is a big dog lover.  i've always had big dogs and thought it would be fun to have a little tiny dog for a change.  well, i'm fifty-four and yet to have a teeny pup so i'm not sure that will change in the future.  my page this week is in ode to that little dream i have.
                      my prompt for my week 4 is:  if you could own any pet what would it be?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

the roc nicholas design team post

today, the roc nicholas design team post is made by samantha read.  isn't this wonderful?  i think how she used my bird princess rubber stamp and did the reflection in the mirror is really very clever!  if you would like to see more about this piece of art you can head over to samantha's blog by clicking here.  if you would like to add this stamp to your collection or see more of my rubber stamps sold through stclick you can click here.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

a surprise for someone

someone i love dearly is getting a surprise in the mail! i had time to make another tape
postcard last night.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

a new kit from tumble fish studio

all digital images and papers are from the kit.  doodles by me.

tumble fish studio, at deviant scrap, has a new digital kit out called "xoxo".  there are a lot of great images in this kit.  i hope you hope over to see it for yourself.

Friday, January 9, 2015

what i'm working on in my planner

every friday i am completing a page in my planner.  i started my week before the new year so i'm sort of a head the game for the year.  if you follow along my blog posts week to week, you will learn a great deal about me.  this year my planner is all about me.  you'll see serious pages, funny pages and pages about love of family and friends.

my week 3 page i  wound up doing something for friendship.  i was mostly thinking about my female friendships and how they are so important to me.  they support me in ways that i think only females can.  i don't mean to sound anti men, because i am most definitely not.  i have quite a few male friends, and my husband happens to reign supreme when it comes to supporting me in everything i do.  i couldn't find anyone better for that, but i think females understand emotional depths of each other.  i truly cherish that. 

so my prompt to myself this week was:  how do your friends help you?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

the roc nicholas rubber stamp design team post

today the roc nicholas rubber stamp design team post is by the fabulous claudine criner.  she used quite a few of my stamps for her art creation today:  the bunny stamp, the crooked house stamp and squiggle arms.  if you'd like to see more about this piece of art, and more of claudine's work, please click here.  if you'd like to add of these rubber stamps to your collection, or to see more of my rubber stamp line sold through please click here.

if you are a fan of my rubber stamp line and would like to join in on trades we have periodically through out the year, please hop on over to my facebook page by clicking here.

Monday, January 5, 2015

i've been published

i've had the honor of being published in the latest art journaling magazine that is out on the stands now.  it's the jan/feb/mar 2015 issue.

my story is all about faith, miracles and how the universe works the most amazing synchronicities, most of the time while we are unaware.  here are a couple of photo clips from my story.
i hope you will find time to read about one of my many blessed experiences in my life and i hope it will touch your life like it touched mine.