Sunday, March 7, 2010

the family

my youngest son, mike, got married on friday, march 5th.  can you believe i forgot my camera?  well i can hardly believe it either so now i am waiting for people to send me some of their photographs from the wedding. my nephew sent me this one this afternoon.  starting on the left, my husband, todd, my son, mike, me and my other son, josh.  it was a beautiful day outside.  my oldest son, josh, drove an hour to attend the ceremony but he couldn't go out to eat with us as he had to drive all the way back to go to work.  we were just happy he could be there to see his brother get married.  they are great friends.  i really do have a wonderful family and for that i feel very blessed.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

holy cow - it's a surprise

it is hard to believe that i'm turning 50 today and i've never had a surprise birthday party.  my friends couldn't believe it either so they decided to make sure i could mark that off my bucket list.  my friend, jenn, organized a little get together with the stampin up girls and was the hostess.  here i am as everyone yelled "SURPRISE".  for  a handful of girls it sure was a loud surprise!  i just giggled and giggled. 

so keeping in true fashion the girls bought me a neon pink boa to wear to my party.  and here i am, none to shameless to wear it either!

there were lots of helium balloons to mark this festive occasion, too.  i loved this holy cow balloon despite the most unfavorable grip.  of course that made me chuckle even more.  the girls made me grope that poor cow for a million photos.
 my friend, laura, was in charge of getting my cake for the party.  she did an amazing job with that task.  it was marble with buttercream icing. oh my gosh it was so scrumptious!    for those of you who like to tell me i'm full of hot air..well i guess you can see that i just might be! i blew my candles out so my wish should come true.  the hostess, jenn, said in the south the person who cuts the cake leaves the knife in the cake and the person's whose birthday is next gets to pull the knife out so i actually got to have two birthday wishes! lucky me!!!! 
here is one of the many amazing gifts i got.  isn't that shirt adorable?  thanks eri!  i appreciate it.   so a big double thanks to jenn, laura, cheryl, eri and amie for having a wonderful surprise party for me this past weekend. 

today is actually my real birthday and my family is coming momentarily.  we're having pizza and salad and more cake!  now how lucky can a girl be!