Friday, July 31, 2015

weekly planner - week 32

week 32 prompt - what four qualities do you look for in people when choosing friends?
this week's prompt was generated by a conversation i was having with a person i know.  i was sitting and listening to her talk about people and voice complaints about how she was being treated in particular situations.  as i listened to her qualify her position on relationships it prompted me to think about my friendships.

i am generally very upbeat and like to laugh.  while there are some things that seem very black and white to me (dealing with ethics and morals), i would dare to say i tend to live in a gray world.  i like to think i'm  compassionate and empathetic and do my best to figure out certain behaviors people exhibit so i can avoid taking things personally.  having said that, i am human and come with flaws.  but i will say that i really dislike drama, gossip, and lies. 

i think the old adage is true, "that birds of a feather flock together".  i like to think that while i have many people i am friendly with, and a lot of people i would call acquaintences,  the people i hold dearest to my heart are those that would never lie to me no matter what,  because it is so important to me to know that i can trust my friends in any situation.  sometimes you need other people's honest opinions and perspectives to help adjust your own.

my closest friends are truly kind and compassionate.  i love to see those qualities in people. it is always so endearing to see someone doing or saying something nice to another person.  to me, that is such a blessing for everyone involved.

a sense of humor is so important to me.  since i love laughing and teasing, it is imperative that my friends can, not only tolerate my warped sense of humor, but tease back.  after all, if we can't laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at.

what qualities do you look for in choosing your friends?

Sunday, July 26, 2015

tumble fish studio's new digital kit

tumble fish studio's latest kit - funny farm
marsha, of tumble fish studio, has a new kit being released over at mischief circus today.  it's called funny farm.  it has a ton of imagery in it.  i hope you click here to check it out!

the roc nicholas rubber stamp design team post

today the roc nicholas rubber stamp design team posting is brought to you by cathy parmelee.  she has created the most delightful postcard using my crooked house stamp, my dog stamp, the mane on the dog is from the flying bird rubber stamp and the ball on the end of the dog's tail is from the party dog rubber stamp.  i LOVE how cathy has thought outside the box in combining my easy to cut apart rubber stamps and created something new!

to see these stamps, and all of my rubber stamp line sold through stampotique, please click here.

Friday, July 24, 2015

my weekly planner - week 31

week 31 prompt - what are some of your favorite things?
this week's prompt is all about a few of my favorite things. there is no earth shattering story to tell here. at this stage of my life i often am doing things that make me happy. 

being a wife and a mother, life seems to move at warp speed.  until you go to work, do household chores and meet the needs of your kids, there is little time left over for yourself.  so, to me, there is something wonderfully awesome about growing older. i think that being older and having an empty nest, allows you to put yourself first without feeling guilty.
there are so many things in my life that makes me feel good and i like to share. god has truly blessed me and every day i pray that i can be blessing to others.  i find deep fulfillment in giving and helping others where and when i can.

i know true happiness. i find joy in so many simple things. how "thank full" i am that god has seen me fit to enjoy my life so deeply.

what about you?  what are some of your favorite things?

Monday, July 20, 2015

the roc nicholas rubber stamp design team post

 today the roc nicholas rubber stamp design team post is brought to you by karen hayselden.  she has created a wonderful piece of art using my bunny rubber stamp.  don't you just the yummy colors and textures shown here?
to see more of karen's work you can hop on over to her blog by clicking here.  to see this stamp, as well as all my other stamps sold through you can click here.

Friday, July 17, 2015

my weekly planner - week 30

week 30 prompt - if you could invent something what would it be?
this week my prompt stemmed from thinking about the past.  i don't recommend hanging out there because it isn't beneficial for your psyche, but from time to time i suppose it is ok to revisit it if you are trying to learn from it.

and so this prompt is just about that;  living my life as i would have a do over.  if i could invent a time machine and go back to live my life better, would i?  how would that change the future?  are we destined to just be who we are no matter what?  so many questions about this page and sadlly, not one answer.  where is the divine balance of things there?  oh...wait....that's another question........

so what would you invent if you could?

Monday, July 13, 2015

the roc nicholas rubber stamp design team post

today the roc nicholas rubber stamp design team post is being brought to you by samantha read.  she used my blessed skellie rubber stamp to create this piece of art.  don't you just love this?!  i had to giggle right out loud when i read it.  but beyond that, samantha's colors pop right off the page.  to see more about this piece, or more of sam's work please visit her blog by clicking here.

to add this stamp to your collection, or to see all of my rubber stamps sold through please click here.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

tumble fish studio has a new kit coming out

tumble fish studio kit - what not 2
i've made a journal page with the latest kit produced by tumble fish studio at mischief circus.  this kit has a lot of great imagery for you to use so why don't you check it out for yourself.

Friday, July 10, 2015

my weekly planner - week 29

week 29 prompt - paint the sky your favorite color
this week the prompt for my planner was just silly.  i often find myself staring up the clouds trying to find recognizable shapes.  that just got me started wondering what it would be like if the sky and the clouds were different colors.  after all, i am almost always amazed at the brilliant colors in the sky as i watch the sunset out my front windows.  you can see amazing light shows of colors sometimes.

if i could put different color in the sky it would be lime green and neon pink.   if you could paint the sky your favorite color(s), what would it/they be? 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

art journaling magazine

i had another journal published in the summer 2015 art journaling magazine.  i made this journal for my husband as a gift.  it chronicles our life together.  i gave it to him and then a few days took it to mail it in to the magazine.  he is looking forward to getting it back.  
all the pages are made with packaging tape and are see through.  it was so much to make.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

the roc nicholas rubber stamp design team post

today the roc nicholas rubber stamp design team post is brought to you by claudine criner.  how wonderful is that background? and look at all my rubbe stamps she used to create this piece! amazing! 

she used my stamps:  artiste block, just be u, stacked love, i'm learning to fly, art junkie, capture the magic and unleash yourself.

to see these stamp and all of my rubber stamps sold through you can click here.  to see more of claudine's amazing art your can click here to access her blog.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

art journaling magazine

my address label to stampington and company was published in the summer art journaling magazine. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

weekly planner - week 28

week 28 - what do you believe?
a long time ago, in one of my journals i asked myself this question.  i had a million (not really that many) things i listed that i believed.  i read them the other day.  here are a few of things that earlier journal page listed:

i believe in god.
i believe that there are no coincidences - only synchroncities.
i believe that two wrongs don't make a right.
i believe in the golden rule.
i believe you reap what you sow.
i believe that a mother's kiss make every boo boo better.
i believe there is a thin person inside of me waiting to get out.
i believe in karma.
i believe grandchildren keep you young.
i believe the eyes are the windows to our souls.

there are plenty more where that came from, but it is just a mere sampling of beliefs i had, and still have as i rewrote them.

for this journal page i decided to simplify and make a different kind of page.  if i can just let go, get out of my own way and let god handle my life, i know all good things will come my way.  i can see that already happening in my life over the years.  i am truly blessed.

so tell me, what do you believe?

Thursday, July 2, 2015

art journaling magazine

my scroll journaling made it into the latest art journaling magazine.  i hope you get a chance to check it out!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

the roc nicholas design team post

today the roc nicholas rubber stamp design team post is brought to you by the awesome corrie herriman.  what a beautiful piece of artistry displayed here!  she has incorporated my scalloped lace border rubber stamp, my dog stamp and bird lady.  

to see more of corrie's art please go to her blog by clicking here.

to see my rubber stamps sold through please click here.