Monday, November 30, 2009

postcard time

here is a postcard for an postcard challenge with the theme of
egg.  it says "life cracks me up".  well it's true.  life does seem to crack me up. sometimes it's the raw stinging kind of cracks and most of the time it's laugh til your sides hurt kind.  the clouds i used for the postcard are from my friend marsha aka tumblefishstudio's collage sheets.    the egg and the face are from my friend donna aka collage anonymous's collage sheets.  both of these great artists can be found at etsy.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

here i am

it's been some time since i've posted to my blog. i really have no clue what happens to my time. i've been less than artfully productive lately.  life is definitely happening all around me and sometimes i feel like a salmon swimming upstream.  but least i'm still swimming.  i did create a journal page for a journal swap i am in.  some of the collage images used on this journal page were from my good friends tumblefishstudio  ( )  and donna ( ).
they both have etsy shops where you can find their collage sheets.  a few of the images i used were from another special girl traceylea/angelea.  she just made a collage sheet to share. how nice of her.  thanks girls!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

a really good art friend of mine is hosting a steampunk journal swap. i didn't sign up for because when she posted it i have to say i just don't feel i have steampunk in my genes.  i've never attempted anything like this before so it was it quite a stretch for me.  the hostess did ask me if i would consider doing a page for her journal and i said i would but i have to say it made me nervous, especially after seeing the other journal page entries in the swap. everyone has done such incredible work. you could only use black, cream, rust, white, brown tones to complete the journal page.  her theme of what she was looking for she told me was "sky gypsy". i finished these up this morning and i'm waiting to hear from her if they are what she had in mind.   

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

more puzzles

i managed to make a couple more puzzle pieces for the next person in the puzzle swap. her theme was the same as the other person's theme.  i really like this style of art for some reason and it brought me lots of joy to work on these.  i used some collage sheets by a super talented artist, marsha jorgansen, aka tumblefishstudio. you can check out her etsy shop to see her latest creations at:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

puzzle altering

one of my good little art buddies, renee, is hosting an altered puzzle swap.  the puzzle pieces are larger than i had expected them to be.  we have 12 puzzle pieces to alter, 2 for each person, and each person gets to pick their theme for their puzzle. it isn't hard to recognize what this person's theme was - zetti, with bright colors and black and white stripes.  hopefully i managed to get the puzzle pieces going in the right direction. i used lots of collage sheets from cassandra van curen's etsy shop.  you can check her collage sheets out at: