Friday, November 29, 2013

Roc's Design Team Call for 2014


       Design Team Call for 2014

I am looking for enthusiastic, talented and friendly artists to join my 2014 creative Design Team.  You will be responsible for creating art that promotes my rubber stamp line which is sold through

This Design Team call is open to everyone, however,  the use of my rubber stamps is required, not only during your term, but also for your submissions to apply for the team. 

The call will be open until December 27, 2013.  The team will be announced before the end of the month.  Your photos and short biographies will be due for the announcement.  We will start creating in the beginning of 2014.

Design Team Requirements: 

1.  Must have a personal blog
2.  Must have a facebook account (other social media avenues are welcomed, too)
3.  A love of my rubber stamps (sold through stampotique)
4.  An ability to create artistic projects using my rubber stamps
5.  A willingness to commit for a 6 month term
6.  Ability to make project deadlines of up to two projects per month
7.  Must be able to take excellent project photos (clear and properly
     exposed photos).
8.  Must comment on other team members' projects
9. A willingness to participate in an occasional special assignment that coincide
     with newly released stamps and/or blog hops

If being part of this Design Team interests you, please follow the directions on how to apply.  I will looking forward to see reviewing your application.

How To Apply:

1.  Email me at with the subject heading "DT Application".
2.  In your email please include your name, physical address and email address
     that you'd like me to use to contact you.  
3.  Include a short biography including previous publications you might have been
      in.  I want to know more about you and what you feel you can bring to the
     Design Team!  I am looking for out of the box thinkers and creative uses for my
     rubber stamps.
4.  Tell me why you'd like to be on my Design Team.
5.  Please send me up to 3 project photos (low resolution) that you consider to be
     your best work using my rubber stamps as your main image.
6.  Include a link to your blog and any other place you think you will be show casing
     your Design Team projects. 

If you are selected for my Design Team you will have the opportunity to have your work showcased on my blog.  I will also be doing feature articles on you and your art.  You will be part of a truly fabulous team of like minded artists.  I hope to see your application soon.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

new release at deviant scrap

hidden vintage studios and tumble fish studios at deviant scrap have collaborated to release images that can be used together.  how fun is that!  they both do such incredible work.  hidden vintage studios has created sugar plum fairies and tumble fish studio has released holiday twinkle.  i used both of their kits to create this christmas atc. 

it's stampotique challenge time

it's stampotique challenge time once again. nellie has asked to create something for an early christmas challenge. i am always late in starting christmas cards, just like nellie said she was, so i thought i'd make a christmas card for this challenge. i used the design cube rubber stamp to create the background by dipping it in white paint to mimick snowflakes.  i used the rubber stamp great moon to create the main focal image. then i used one of the christmas balls to dangle from the moon. i stamped the sentiment wish for my "christmas wish".  it's all paper layered. 

if you would like to join in on the fun you can find all about the details by clicking the above link.  If you play you will have a chance to win a $30.00 gift certificate towards
Stampotique stamps, and really, who couldn't use more stamps?!

tando challenge - orange, pink and green

i used one of tando's little chipboard mini trio houses.  the challenge was to use orange, pink and green.  these are some of my favorite colors so it was an easy project to complete.  since my husband just retired and we moved from a place in pennsylvania (where we were born and raised our whole lives), to florida, some 1200 miles away, it is proof that where ever there is love, you will be at "home".  i used a door image and all paper from tumble fish studio.  the photo is from the photo shoot my friend, cassandra van curen,  a professional photographer, did for me. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

new release at deviant scrap

the 3D house i made - all images are from the kit
tumble fish studio has created the most darling little houses kit.  it has been released at deviant scrap.  hurry over there to get your kit today!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

stampotique challenge time

it's stampotique challenge time once again.  sam has asked to create something that uses only one layer. i watercolor to create the background.  i used two rubber images from the design cube dipped in watercolor to add some visual texture.  i used my rubber stamp artiste to create the main focal image.  next i added doodling and used gel pens for extra color.

if you would like to join in on the fun you can find all about the details by clicking the above link.  If you play you will have a chance to win a $30.00 gift certificate towards
Stampotique stamps, and really, who couldn't use more stamps?!

Monday, November 11, 2013

more florida living - part five

welcome back!  come on in to my kitchen.  i hope you brought your appetite with you because i just made some chicken bar b q, tossed salad with balsamic vinegrette and cranberry/apple/fig chutney.
have a seat.  i normally sit on the middle one, but i'm happy to share it with you if you prefer that one.  the stool on the left came with me from up north.  the middle one i found at some outdoor vintage mart. it was totally rusted, but nothing that a can of white spray paint can't fix.  the one on the left i found when shopping with a friend.  it was gray and i painted it, too.  my husband usually sits on that one.

we had the tile put on underneath the counter area this summer.  the man who did our tiling tried to talk me out of this tile saying it would look like a bathroom wall but he couldn't have been more wrong. i just love the crisp, clean look it has.  once he finished the job he admitted he was wrong.  i tried not to rub it in too much.
he also put up a tile backsplash for us.  i love subway tile.  that brightened up the room as well.  there is something about white i just love. 
this small table belonged to my aunt.  i really cherish it and am so glad i was able to have it.  i originally used it when i lived up north as my sewing machine table, but it has its own perfect space here in florida.  the rug under it, which is one of three i have in the house, my husband's grandmother made.
flowers from a friend and the little white pitcher was a gift from another friend
an  upclose snippet of my original art - i just love this little bird
this piece is very important to me in so many ways.  this was my husband's father's.  it was the original postal desk in a little town called kunkletown back in pennsylvania.  todd's dad was the post master there for many, many years and when they got rid of it he was able to take it.  he used it as his tool bench for the rest of his life. it was dark brown, but i was on a roll painting everything white, and i just love how it turned out.  the little hole on the front right was where he had power cords and there are three holes on the top right above it where he had his vice screwed down, but i love each mark.  it reminds of him everytime i see them.
i made the stained glass mirror and the bread basket many years ago

i found this old white bowl at a thrift store and it's perfect for my fruit

this photo requires more than a caption i think.  the yellow stained glass fish in the very back i made in church school when i was very small.  for some reason i've kept it all these years.  it's very meaningful to me most likely because my faith is of paramount importance to me.  i made the little manager scene for friends and family one year as gifts for christmas.  i'm so glad i kept one for myself.  the little white chicken belonged to my husband's mom.  i acquired it when she passed away.  it just makes me smile and i am truly grateful every time i see it.
a very old wooden plate that belonged to my grandmother
some refrigerator magnet art made by my friends and a few by me, too
i hope you enjoyed your stay and that you'll have time to come back and see what is back the hall.  you may want to bring your suitcase for this next part.  see you soon.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

tando - tag you're it

over at tando there was a color scheme of pink, green and orange that i applied to my tag.  these type of challenges push me out of my comfort zone.  i find limiting colors to just a few are harder to get images to pop and stand out. 
i used one of tando's small bookplates and a few of tando's mini stars.  i also used the leaf mask in the background design.
i used my rubber stamp heart vine, scalloped lace border, part of i'm learning to fly and my flying bird.
i hope you will be inspired to work on a tag with your tando and stampotiquegoodies!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

florida living - part four

welcome back everyone.  i'm so happy you sat for a spell until i tidied up the place.  come on in.
the first room you will be in is the dining room, but it is connected to the living room and kitchen. it is all one big area.  the ceilings are vaulted and i just love how open it feels.   when you come in you are in the left part of the dining room.  here is what you see to the right of you.

that big white cupboard made the move. it weighs a ton and my husband has told me he will never be lifting that to move again.  i told him i'd have to hire movers then.  above the white cupboard is a hand
 carved oak angel i bought many years ago when i was still in pennsylvania.  she just HAD to make the trip.   you can see something baskets and a tray on the top of that cupboard.  i painted the tray and although i never used it i really like it.  i had to keep it.  i also use to do basket weaving a long time

ago and a few of those baskets i made. i have many more stored at my mom's house and hopefully they will make their way here eventually.
the tiny high chair to the left of the white cupboard i got for a real bargain down here and it was purchased in high hopes i will get some grandchildren visits very soon. 

the chair you see in this photo was in my grandfather's family.   it's very old and i just love it.
my table centerpiece

the view out the glass sliders of my side patio

a special piece of art from a friend graces my indoor tree

 the living room adjoins the dining room. while this is not the best photo, you can make out the big white flowers on the sofa.  mostly everything i get is kind of plain, but i loved the bold print when i saw it and i think it adds a nice touch of whimsy to the space.
aside of the flowered sofa is a little bench i painted white.  the little coffee mat was made by an art friend.  her sewing is exceptional.  the coasters in the basket i made and they made the trip, too.

the coffee table came along, too.  it's just the perfect size.  the little table mat and the crock i found on
 an adventure with a friend.  i added the trim around the neck of the crock.  the little flower
adornment was a ring i made in a tim holtz class.  i love how it looks on there!  
the tv stand was brought down as well.  from the time i purchased that old dresser for $10.00 at a yard sale my husband disliked it.  i don't know why but every time he had to move it he'd say it was a piece of junk and we should throw it out.  i insisted we keep it around and turn it into a tv stand.  it took about 10 years, but finally he dismantled the second drawer, added hinges to the drawer front and that is where our dvd player is. 

the cupboard in the corner was given to me by a client from up north.  the man told me he had some junk he picked up on the street corner that would be perfect in my house.  i laughed out loud.  good thing i wasn't offended and went to see it.  it was missing the window in the top but i fixed that by making a stained glass window of a spider plant.  i really like how the little baby is 3 dimensional.

the tv stand and the corner cupboard were nearly identical in paint color.  i couldn't believe how well they went together.  that makes them even more special to me.  i think todd appreciates them more now.  at least he didn't complain when he moved them this time. 
thanks for stopping by today.  the next part i will be showing you my kitchen, so i'll get busy and bake something delicious for your next visit.

Monday, November 4, 2013

florida living - part three

welcome back everyone.  so happy you made it to my front side door! i'm glad you found time to visit.  come on in and sit a spell. this is my favorite place to sit.  i am crazy about this sofa.  it's all stuffed with feathers and is very comfortable.  the clock on the wall was a great find down here because it is just like one we had up north.  it brings back good memories.

the christmas cactus to the right belonged to my mother-in-law.  it is very special to me because we took ownership of it when she passed away.  i've had it for years and it survived the long trip down in the back of the suv.  i smile whenever i catch sight of that little frog sitting amongst the leaves.

you can see something hanging from the ceiling in the first photo of the lanai i posted.  it's a fish my friend made for me. she does lots of fused glass and made them for fan pulls.  i just love it and have 2 more hanging from fans inside of the house.  it adds just the touch of whimsy i love.

i had wanted to have a table in the lanai but there just wasn't enough room with the oversized furniture i ended up falling in love with, so when i found this drop leaf table at a local consignment shop my heart sang. it was the perfect fit to use as an end table. 
i love curling up on the sofa, drinking some tea and reading my books. that tiny little candle holder belonged to my gram.  it's old and i just love it.

the tile floor is new.  the original floor was painted gray in a block pattern which was functional but lacked any personality whatsoever.  what a time we had to find tile we both agreed upon. this is what was finally selected,  but i shamelessly admit, i had to use my "wear 'em down" skills.
i was really hoping to have true mexican tile but there just wasn't any to be found.  even though it isn't what i thought i wanted, i really do think it is warm and wonderful.
when i'm on the sofa i get to have this view.  it's so peaceful.  i love listening to the water feature outside of the window.  it's a really magical place to be.
you will often find todd sitting in this chair.  i made the rag quilt that hangs on the back of it.  one of my dear friends gave me those crow squares that i incorporated into the quilt.  it means a lot to me.
that little stand to the left i found on one of my outings to a thrift store.  it was the perfect fit and gives todd a place to put his coffee cup.  if you take a closer look at what's on the top of it you can see my
little zentangle bird i did.  i am quite fond of it.  the african violet is in remembrance of my gram.  she loved those flowers.  she has strict instructions to take care of it for me, and honestly, i think she is because it hasn't stopped blooming since i bought it.  the little yellow heart shaped stone was a gift from a friend.  it says "thankful" on it.  i am.  i have a truly blessed life.

i have other plants in the room as well just because i love them so much.  it's a little bit of the outdoors indoors.
there's always an angel watching over us

do you think i'm a collector of benches?
i had to have this angel fern.

see those tiles under the door to the right?  the same friend who made the little fish made these tiles for me.  i love the added pop of color they give to the room.  which one is your favorite?

this door takes you into my house.  would you like to come in and see what's next?  give me a moment to tidy up the place and i'll be back to show you more.