Sunday, March 30, 2008

alpha stamps project

as part of our design team package we received some metal embellishments to use in a project for the alpha stamps website.
i decided to use the larger circular one an atc box. the 7 gypsy company makes this particular atc box package that i got from the alpha stamps website but i used it as a template and traced it onto some paper that i is from alpha stamps. the ribbon, bird, the dream and atc stamp are also from alpha stamps. the metal flower and leaf are from alpha stamps as well but came in a bronze color so i just used my silver metallic marker to change the color to coordinate with the circular embellishment.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

saturday splash

i had time this afternoon to do something creative so i found myself in my art room digging out my watercolor box and my watercolor brushes. i haven't used watercolors for a long time. this is actually the first rolodex card i've created using watercolor paper. i guess i've stayed away from using watercolor paper because i like the thickness of multiple layers of paper gives. it feels sturdier to me. but i decided to do something different and coming up with a theme was easy. i love anything celestial so i decided to do a sunshine. after the watercolors were dry i used a black marker to sketch around the sun and then added some H2O's to make it sparkle. there is something joyful about a blue sky on a sunny day.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

a journal page

my latest creative venture was making an 8 x 8 inch journal page for a friend. she loves to sew and the journal page she made for me was quite the creation. since sewing is not my strongest suit i decided to use paper and make it look like a patchwork crazy quilt. i did actually do some hand sewing with metallic thread so i could keep the feel of this page "hand sewn". i added a few embellishments, like the chipboard buttons and vintage lace, to add more of the "sewing box" feel. i am hopeful she will like it.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

more creative time

i am still working with that alpha stamps package items and i just finished creating two atcs using the alpha stamps collage sheets called "funny pets". the little dog house is also from alpha stamps and is the die cut chipboard house. i covered it in paper and distressed it. i just love the funny pets collage sheet!

alpha stamps package

yesterday afternoon i received a big package of goodies from alpha stamps. as part of being on the design team for this site i get to enjoy products each month to create with. i sat for most of the afternoon cutting out stamps and mounting them for use. i received some beautiful collage sheets as well. i decided to make a rolo with a few of the new stamps i received as well as one of their collage images. i absolutely adore the little running mice border stamp. it makes me chuckle.

Friday, March 21, 2008

good friday

yes it is a good friday. i've been busy creating this afternoon. i did a rolodex card using an alpha stamps collage image and alpha stamps rubber stamps from their alphabet collection. i am leaving it partially uncompleted until i know it will be traded as a name and address rolo or an alphabet rolo. in keeping with the bunny theme i also had this wooden bunny for years that i wanted to use but just never did. today seemed like the perfect time to dig it out and make something with it, especially with easter right around the corner. i created another spinner card for the 7 gypsy atc spinner. the stamp is from the angel company.

Monday, March 17, 2008

the skinny

i woke up this morning feeling the art bug. that was a nice feeling! i made a skinny for my friend, cathy, who i trade with every month. along with the chunky page each month that we do we also create a "zetti" skinny. the one for april is a surprise but i'm ahead of schedule and this one is for may. the cupcake for the body is a collage image from the sheet cathy sent me for my birthday. everyone who knows me knows how much i love cupcakes, so it was a really thoughtful gift she gave to me.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

tips and techniques club

today was the monthly meeting for a club i belong too. it's all about using different tips and techniques to create greeting cards and/or other gift giving ideas. today we made this great flower card using a once inch circle punch. you punch out 8 circles and fold them with 2 sided paper and when you are finished you get this beautiful 3 dimensional flower. the other item we made today was a st. patty's day gift envelope. what was clever about this is that it is made out of a regular mailing envelope that you lick shut. you use a punch to punch out the sides leaving the inside piece that becomes a handle. of course this template will be great to use for other holidays as well. i'm thinking i'll make my nephew one for easter and tuck some easter grass and a few goodies, like skittles and cash, inside.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

cathartic writing

it seems that my earlier post today was quite cathartic. i've been busy in my art room for most of the afternoon and actually finished an art project. this chunky page will serve as a two-fold piece. i will use it in the alpha stamps gallery as part of my design team requirements because the collage image and the fabric tape are from their website, but it will also serve as next month's chunky page for a friend that i trade with. i get to choose the topic for april and i wanted to choose vintage women since i have so many great vintage collage sheets from alpha stamps. 
i also finished two other spinner cards for my collection to trade.

finding the time

so here i am wondering where the time goes in my day? every morning i wake up feeling like today is going to be a productive art day and then in a blink of an eye, night falls, and i realize i've had little time in the art room. i'm beginning to wonder if i'm related to austin powers and having a serious loss of art mojo. more than likely it's just a cycle of creativity that has an ebb and flo as i do remember not so long ago it was nothing for me to work 6 hours in my art room a day and sometimes i'd stay up til 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning trying to finish projects. now it seems i can barely muster an hour of art time and some days i find myself being totally absent from the art room. one thing i can say is that i am hearing something similar from quite a few of my close art buddies so i am hopeful it is nothing more than the winter doldrums. i feel guilty when i don't create because i am so passionate about art and i love the feeling of joy and peace when i am creating. while i profess i don't understand the art flow i am in quite now, i do respect it, so rather than worry over why i'm not sitting at my desk i did make time for an art run to michaels. i still had some birthday money and figured some new art supplies might inject a little nudge in the right direction, after all, the last time i went to michaels i made a few things with those bird rub ons i purchased there. it seems that the michaels run did help me to do some art work when i got home. i created another spinner card. the image is a rubber stamp from alpha stamps. the little girl is stamped and then colored in with markers and gel pens.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a chunky page

cathy, a great artistic friend of mine from alaska, suggested that this year we do a themed monthly trade for chunky pages. she said, that then, when the year was up, we would have a wonderful selection of chunky book pages to assemble into a chunky book of one another's art. it didn't take me long to realize that her idea sounded like a fabulous plan. as we worked out the details we decided that we would take turns every other month choosing a theme, and this month it was cathy's turn to pick. she wanted to choose birds this time around. while every one who knows me knows that i love crows probably would have bet their last nickel that my page would have had a crow on it. for those who bet i have to say that you lost a wager because i had one more of those bird rub ons from the package i bought at michaels the other day, so i decided to use it on this page. i teased cathy saying i might keep this page for myself but now that it is finished i just might! cathy should really start to plan out a few good begging lines to get me to send it to her.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

7 gypsy's obsession continues

i worked on a couple more cards for the 7 gypsy atc spinner.  i really love making these cards for some strange reason. i will have to blame jan, my stamping friend from california, who turned me onto this spinner.  i had these pink chipboard crowns that i received as a gift from someone and i was dying to use them. i love the dimension and texture that chipboard adds to my art. the bird card is made from some of the rub ons i got when i went to michael's art and craft store the other day.  i just loved that bird rub on package the moment i saw it.  the other atc spinner card is made with a teesha moore collage image that i altered with markers and liquid pearls.. notice how well the saying on that card speaks for itself.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

something for alpha stamps

i was busy making art this morning and i was quite surprised at how productive i was. normally it seems i start something, get distracted by something else, which leads me in an entirely different direction and i never finish anything that i started. i actually managed to finish three rolodex cards for an online rolo swap i host at and i worked on a project for the alpha stamps website. i'm really hooked on these cards that you put on the 7 gypsy spinner. so here is what i did using a lot of alpha stamps products. i call this "future draftsman".

Monday, March 3, 2008

7 gypsy atc holder card

today i managed to find time to work on some cards for the 7 gypsy atc holder. i did three of them for a monthly personal trade. the houses have a little shaker box for the window. all three of the cards are alike but i did used different paper combinations for the houses to make them somewhat different for the girls. there is something i just love about shaker box cards. it must be the kid in me but i love to shake them and see the movement and hear the sound of that art. i just recently came across a great tip to use white fun foam to create the little box. you can stamp on it, cut it easily with scissors and it's the perfect heighth to use pop dots to create an even plane when you are putting down your art. it really is so much easier than using that thick double stick tape which always required lots of little pieces being cut.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

my birthday

well today is my birthday. i didn't actually get to do any artwork today due to my party preparations, but the above card i was working on for a few days and finally finished yesterday. you know how it is when you have an idea but then making it turn out like you wanted is part of the plan you sometimes can't control? well i wanted this atc to be a little different than how it turned out but i have to say i still like it. the heart is metal venting tape that i dry embossed with a stylus. the background stamp on the inside is one of my favorite stamps. a great stamping friend, jan, gave it to me last year. now how lucky was i!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

an alpha stamps project

i've been working on an alpha stamps project for the past several days. i said that i would do an altered microscope slide mailer. pictured here is the front, the inside and then the back of the mailer. almost every thing used to make this project came from alpha stamps. the images were from a collage sheet that the company sent in a design team package for use. as you can see from the inside photo i had the notion to dig out my soldering iron to use on the microscope slides. i forgot how fun it is to do soldering. i managed to solder all three slides without one single burn! how lucky was that.