Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a chunky page

cathy, a great artistic friend of mine from alaska, suggested that this year we do a themed monthly trade for chunky pages. she said, that then, when the year was up, we would have a wonderful selection of chunky book pages to assemble into a chunky book of one another's art. it didn't take me long to realize that her idea sounded like a fabulous plan. as we worked out the details we decided that we would take turns every other month choosing a theme, and this month it was cathy's turn to pick. she wanted to choose birds this time around. while every one who knows me knows that i love crows probably would have bet their last nickel that my page would have had a crow on it. for those who bet i have to say that you lost a wager because i had one more of those bird rub ons from the package i bought at michaels the other day, so i decided to use it on this page. i teased cathy saying i might keep this page for myself but now that it is finished i just might! cathy should really start to plan out a few good begging lines to get me to send it to her.


  1. well it's an awesome page (I had/have those heart shaped clips; never thought of turning them into wings), but I don't really feel like I need to develop a begging line, because I will simply create a fantastic page for Roc in return, and the only way she'll get mine is to give me this one.... Why beg when I can bribe?

  2. Roc - the idea of the heart paperclip for wings is awesome!

  3. wow! This looks really great! I love all the texture that there is to this page. Nicely done :)