Sunday, March 16, 2008

tips and techniques club

today was the monthly meeting for a club i belong too. it's all about using different tips and techniques to create greeting cards and/or other gift giving ideas. today we made this great flower card using a once inch circle punch. you punch out 8 circles and fold them with 2 sided paper and when you are finished you get this beautiful 3 dimensional flower. the other item we made today was a st. patty's day gift envelope. what was clever about this is that it is made out of a regular mailing envelope that you lick shut. you use a punch to punch out the sides leaving the inside piece that becomes a handle. of course this template will be great to use for other holidays as well. i'm thinking i'll make my nephew one for easter and tuck some easter grass and a few goodies, like skittles and cash, inside.

1 comment:

  1. cool projects! i get the circle flower thingy; think i'll use that idea.
    still can't follow the envie thing, but maybe if you made 1 for me for easter with grass, cash, and m&ms, i'd get it then :)
    oh--go ahead and throw in a peg, too!