Saturday, February 23, 2008

alpha stamps

i am an alpha stamps design team member (check out their site at: and i work on art projects for their site to be used as samples. the last project i did was submitted in their monthly art contest and it won first prize. i was really surprised, but very happy. it was a little house garland made out of chipboard shapes that you can get on their website. i just decorated them and glued them together to form a row houses. i just finished an alphabet rolodex card for an art friend on and i've used a collage sheet image that i got from alpha stamps as well. i have uploaded the rolodex card for you to see. if any one is interested in joining a rolodex swap you can become a member at and look for the rolodex thread in the forums.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

passing time

i don't quite remember when, where or how i stumbled upon a website that was devoted to doodling but i was amazed at some of the doodles i saw on there. it inspired me to start a doodle journal of my own. sometime later i was at dick blick and saw a small travel journal that had really heavy duty watercolor paper in it. i bought it to start my doodles. i work in it from time to time and really have enjoyed the creative outlet where there is no pressure. i have included a few pages of my art doodles for you to see.

Monday, February 18, 2008

online art world

well it appears that two of the online art sites (the mail artist and atcards) i belonged to have suddenly been disbanned. it was quite a shock to me as i had no idea it was coming. i really have to say that since the sites have closed down i miss the jovial banter that happened on them. i hope to stay in touch with several of the artists i met. there were many people on these two sites that i found to be such an inspiration to me. i am hopeful that i will find a new place to hang out with some of the other artists and keep making art. another site i belong to is a private yahoo group for atc's and inchies. today i had a chance to work on an idea for the march atc theme "crowns". here is what i'm working on.

Friday, February 15, 2008

the blogging experience

well here i am joining the blogging ranks. however i shamefully admit i probably should never have been given access to any computer. a computer wizard "i ain't" and will probably be wondering any moment why i am even attempting this. but i will give it my best go.
i hope to use this space to share my art world and some of my artistic endeavors. i do belong to a few online trading sites which has kept me quite busy and last year i was accepted to be a part of the alpha stamps deisgn team. you can check out the alpha stamps website at: they have lots of rubber stamps, papers, collage sheets and emphemera.
i am also a demonstrator for the the angel company (tac). i love rubber stamps and use them in my art work quite a bit. i love to cut and paste and find that there is something about paper and glue that i find myself feeling really passionate about.
i recently bought an atc holder from 7 gypsies and have a a couple of people that i trade is one of the cards i've just recently completed.