Saturday, February 23, 2008

alpha stamps

i am an alpha stamps design team member (check out their site at: and i work on art projects for their site to be used as samples. the last project i did was submitted in their monthly art contest and it won first prize. i was really surprised, but very happy. it was a little house garland made out of chipboard shapes that you can get on their website. i just decorated them and glued them together to form a row houses. i just finished an alphabet rolodex card for an art friend on and i've used a collage sheet image that i got from alpha stamps as well. i have uploaded the rolodex card for you to see. if any one is interested in joining a rolodex swap you can become a member at and look for the rolodex thread in the forums.


  1. ROC your black and white doodles are gorgeous.
    Glad you are in blog land.

  2. i absolutely love the rolo . . . i'm thrilled!

    and, i went to alpha stamps last night; what fab stuff! i placed a little order, though it was hard to keep it little!