Friday, February 15, 2008

the blogging experience

well here i am joining the blogging ranks. however i shamefully admit i probably should never have been given access to any computer. a computer wizard "i ain't" and will probably be wondering any moment why i am even attempting this. but i will give it my best go.
i hope to use this space to share my art world and some of my artistic endeavors. i do belong to a few online trading sites which has kept me quite busy and last year i was accepted to be a part of the alpha stamps deisgn team. you can check out the alpha stamps website at: they have lots of rubber stamps, papers, collage sheets and emphemera.
i am also a demonstrator for the the angel company (tac). i love rubber stamps and use them in my art work quite a bit. i love to cut and paste and find that there is something about paper and glue that i find myself feeling really passionate about.
i recently bought an atc holder from 7 gypsies and have a a couple of people that i trade is one of the cards i've just recently completed.

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