Sunday, March 30, 2008

alpha stamps project

as part of our design team package we received some metal embellishments to use in a project for the alpha stamps website.
i decided to use the larger circular one an atc box. the 7 gypsy company makes this particular atc box package that i got from the alpha stamps website but i used it as a template and traced it onto some paper that i is from alpha stamps. the ribbon, bird, the dream and atc stamp are also from alpha stamps. the metal flower and leaf are from alpha stamps as well but came in a bronze color so i just used my silver metallic marker to change the color to coordinate with the circular embellishment.


  1. love it, roc. it came out awesome!

  2. can I just tell you how much you inspire me? Honestly I see your work and all I want to do is go home and create.
    Sadly my MIL is here for a week so I won't get a chance for a bit, but I know where to come when I want to be inspired!! Thank you!!!!

    Jen/Seraphic/that annoying person from ATC's