Saturday, March 15, 2008

cathartic writing

it seems that my earlier post today was quite cathartic. i've been busy in my art room for most of the afternoon and actually finished an art project. this chunky page will serve as a two-fold piece. i will use it in the alpha stamps gallery as part of my design team requirements because the collage image and the fabric tape are from their website, but it will also serve as next month's chunky page for a friend that i trade with. i get to choose the topic for april and i wanted to choose vintage women since i have so many great vintage collage sheets from alpha stamps. 
i also finished two other spinner cards for my collection to trade.


  1. oh, roc; they're all wonderful! and whoo hoo--the vintage woman is mine! i'm thrilled. and you'll be thrilled to know that i'm about to actually start working on your page for april!

  2. how did you get to be so clever, I'm really quite jealous you know!!!