Thursday, November 7, 2013

florida living - part four

welcome back everyone.  i'm so happy you sat for a spell until i tidied up the place.  come on in.
the first room you will be in is the dining room, but it is connected to the living room and kitchen. it is all one big area.  the ceilings are vaulted and i just love how open it feels.   when you come in you are in the left part of the dining room.  here is what you see to the right of you.

that big white cupboard made the move. it weighs a ton and my husband has told me he will never be lifting that to move again.  i told him i'd have to hire movers then.  above the white cupboard is a hand
 carved oak angel i bought many years ago when i was still in pennsylvania.  she just HAD to make the trip.   you can see something baskets and a tray on the top of that cupboard.  i painted the tray and although i never used it i really like it.  i had to keep it.  i also use to do basket weaving a long time

ago and a few of those baskets i made. i have many more stored at my mom's house and hopefully they will make their way here eventually.
the tiny high chair to the left of the white cupboard i got for a real bargain down here and it was purchased in high hopes i will get some grandchildren visits very soon. 

the chair you see in this photo was in my grandfather's family.   it's very old and i just love it.
my table centerpiece

the view out the glass sliders of my side patio

a special piece of art from a friend graces my indoor tree

 the living room adjoins the dining room. while this is not the best photo, you can make out the big white flowers on the sofa.  mostly everything i get is kind of plain, but i loved the bold print when i saw it and i think it adds a nice touch of whimsy to the space.
aside of the flowered sofa is a little bench i painted white.  the little coffee mat was made by an art friend.  her sewing is exceptional.  the coasters in the basket i made and they made the trip, too.

the coffee table came along, too.  it's just the perfect size.  the little table mat and the crock i found on
 an adventure with a friend.  i added the trim around the neck of the crock.  the little flower
adornment was a ring i made in a tim holtz class.  i love how it looks on there!  
the tv stand was brought down as well.  from the time i purchased that old dresser for $10.00 at a yard sale my husband disliked it.  i don't know why but every time he had to move it he'd say it was a piece of junk and we should throw it out.  i insisted we keep it around and turn it into a tv stand.  it took about 10 years, but finally he dismantled the second drawer, added hinges to the drawer front and that is where our dvd player is. 

the cupboard in the corner was given to me by a client from up north.  the man told me he had some junk he picked up on the street corner that would be perfect in my house.  i laughed out loud.  good thing i wasn't offended and went to see it.  it was missing the window in the top but i fixed that by making a stained glass window of a spider plant.  i really like how the little baby is 3 dimensional.

the tv stand and the corner cupboard were nearly identical in paint color.  i couldn't believe how well they went together.  that makes them even more special to me.  i think todd appreciates them more now.  at least he didn't complain when he moved them this time. 
thanks for stopping by today.  the next part i will be showing you my kitchen, so i'll get busy and bake something delicious for your next visit.


  1. Hi Roc
    Just been reading through the last few days, what a beautiful cosy place you have! Love all the little special touches in each corner of both house and garden! May you experience many happy hours, days and years in this wonderful place and thanks so much for the little tour, I enjoyed every minute!

  2. You have the perfect little Florida bungalow there! Love that 70's print on your couch too. I'm starting to smell some delicious smells coming from the kitchen, so I think I'll go sit in the chair by the water feature on the lanai and wait!

  3. Your home looks so inviting and comfy! Enjoy.

  4. Looking good Roc! I have enjoyed the tour! I love that area of FL you are in. I grew up in Altamonte Springs, and also lived in Tampa as well. Everything looks just perfect, thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for the tour, waiting impatiently for the kitchen, can I smell cake ????
    Corrie x

  6. What a beautiful home, Roc. So happy for you!

  7. I've just had such a lovely time reading my way through the posts about Florida - which although I'm from the UK I know from many holidays there. Your house looks lovely I'd love to set awhile ....