Monday, November 4, 2013

florida living - part three

welcome back everyone.  so happy you made it to my front side door! i'm glad you found time to visit.  come on in and sit a spell. this is my favorite place to sit.  i am crazy about this sofa.  it's all stuffed with feathers and is very comfortable.  the clock on the wall was a great find down here because it is just like one we had up north.  it brings back good memories.

the christmas cactus to the right belonged to my mother-in-law.  it is very special to me because we took ownership of it when she passed away.  i've had it for years and it survived the long trip down in the back of the suv.  i smile whenever i catch sight of that little frog sitting amongst the leaves.

you can see something hanging from the ceiling in the first photo of the lanai i posted.  it's a fish my friend made for me. she does lots of fused glass and made them for fan pulls.  i just love it and have 2 more hanging from fans inside of the house.  it adds just the touch of whimsy i love.

i had wanted to have a table in the lanai but there just wasn't enough room with the oversized furniture i ended up falling in love with, so when i found this drop leaf table at a local consignment shop my heart sang. it was the perfect fit to use as an end table. 
i love curling up on the sofa, drinking some tea and reading my books. that tiny little candle holder belonged to my gram.  it's old and i just love it.

the tile floor is new.  the original floor was painted gray in a block pattern which was functional but lacked any personality whatsoever.  what a time we had to find tile we both agreed upon. this is what was finally selected,  but i shamelessly admit, i had to use my "wear 'em down" skills.
i was really hoping to have true mexican tile but there just wasn't any to be found.  even though it isn't what i thought i wanted, i really do think it is warm and wonderful.
when i'm on the sofa i get to have this view.  it's so peaceful.  i love listening to the water feature outside of the window.  it's a really magical place to be.
you will often find todd sitting in this chair.  i made the rag quilt that hangs on the back of it.  one of my dear friends gave me those crow squares that i incorporated into the quilt.  it means a lot to me.
that little stand to the left i found on one of my outings to a thrift store.  it was the perfect fit and gives todd a place to put his coffee cup.  if you take a closer look at what's on the top of it you can see my
little zentangle bird i did.  i am quite fond of it.  the african violet is in remembrance of my gram.  she loved those flowers.  she has strict instructions to take care of it for me, and honestly, i think she is because it hasn't stopped blooming since i bought it.  the little yellow heart shaped stone was a gift from a friend.  it says "thankful" on it.  i am.  i have a truly blessed life.

i have other plants in the room as well just because i love them so much.  it's a little bit of the outdoors indoors.
there's always an angel watching over us

do you think i'm a collector of benches?
i had to have this angel fern.

see those tiles under the door to the right?  the same friend who made the little fish made these tiles for me.  i love the added pop of color they give to the room.  which one is your favorite?

this door takes you into my house.  would you like to come in and see what's next?  give me a moment to tidy up the place and i'll be back to show you more.


  1. Love your lanai! It just scream (or maybe that should be whispers) come and sit a spell. Love all of the little things that remind you of those special people who have gone on. I have lots of family memories that surround us in our home as well. It helps keep them close. <3

  2. such a peaceful looking place you have found to retire to.....i lived in florid for many years and enjoyed it for awhile.......i now am enjoying my nc mountain life as much as you are enjoying florida....much happiness!!!!

  3. Great room, I can imagine you sitting there sipping tea, or a nice glass of wine and some books ! Looks wonderful !
    Corrie x

  4. Even though I've been there, I am loving the way you are sharing. The pics are awesome and you are making everyone "feel good" when they are reading and looking.

    Love the bird!!!!! Oh, and the end table by the sofa is perfect for that spot!

  5. Warm, Welcoming and Wonderful,Roc! I'm sure you'll spend MANY happy hours in this pretty space! It's soooooo "you"!!! ♥ Sending hugs! ♥ Terri

  6. Thanks for the tours - your home scream HOME and come sit down and lets talk. I have enjoyed visiting but you know what I'm most waiting for and suspect you are saving it for last! Thanks for the visit, I enjoyed my coffee, and I'll see you again tomorrow.