Monday, November 11, 2013

more florida living - part five

welcome back!  come on in to my kitchen.  i hope you brought your appetite with you because i just made some chicken bar b q, tossed salad with balsamic vinegrette and cranberry/apple/fig chutney.
have a seat.  i normally sit on the middle one, but i'm happy to share it with you if you prefer that one.  the stool on the left came with me from up north.  the middle one i found at some outdoor vintage mart. it was totally rusted, but nothing that a can of white spray paint can't fix.  the one on the left i found when shopping with a friend.  it was gray and i painted it, too.  my husband usually sits on that one.

we had the tile put on underneath the counter area this summer.  the man who did our tiling tried to talk me out of this tile saying it would look like a bathroom wall but he couldn't have been more wrong. i just love the crisp, clean look it has.  once he finished the job he admitted he was wrong.  i tried not to rub it in too much.
he also put up a tile backsplash for us.  i love subway tile.  that brightened up the room as well.  there is something about white i just love. 
this small table belonged to my aunt.  i really cherish it and am so glad i was able to have it.  i originally used it when i lived up north as my sewing machine table, but it has its own perfect space here in florida.  the rug under it, which is one of three i have in the house, my husband's grandmother made.
flowers from a friend and the little white pitcher was a gift from another friend
an  upclose snippet of my original art - i just love this little bird
this piece is very important to me in so many ways.  this was my husband's father's.  it was the original postal desk in a little town called kunkletown back in pennsylvania.  todd's dad was the post master there for many, many years and when they got rid of it he was able to take it.  he used it as his tool bench for the rest of his life. it was dark brown, but i was on a roll painting everything white, and i just love how it turned out.  the little hole on the front right was where he had power cords and there are three holes on the top right above it where he had his vice screwed down, but i love each mark.  it reminds of him everytime i see them.
i made the stained glass mirror and the bread basket many years ago

i found this old white bowl at a thrift store and it's perfect for my fruit

this photo requires more than a caption i think.  the yellow stained glass fish in the very back i made in church school when i was very small.  for some reason i've kept it all these years.  it's very meaningful to me most likely because my faith is of paramount importance to me.  i made the little manager scene for friends and family one year as gifts for christmas.  i'm so glad i kept one for myself.  the little white chicken belonged to my husband's mom.  i acquired it when she passed away.  it just makes me smile and i am truly grateful every time i see it.
a very old wooden plate that belonged to my grandmother
some refrigerator magnet art made by my friends and a few by me, too
i hope you enjoyed your stay and that you'll have time to come back and see what is back the hall.  you may want to bring your suitcase for this next part.  see you soon.


  1. Oh goodie! I was hoping for an invitation to stay awhile! I love, love, love all of your family heirlooms!

  2. Love all your trinkets but your art in the kitchen is something else, love it !!
    Corrie x

  3. Looks gorgeous Roc, I love all the art around…I could just stand at look at it all for ages :)

  4. What great stories, Roc! I especially love the postal table! Obviously, you are getting comfy in your new place, and I am happy for you!

  5. That was wonderful. Love all the pieces and the love connection. I adore your art magnets. Nice idea! Thank you for sharing.

  6. I love your Florida home! It looks so comfy and cozy.

  7. how fab to have a 'nosy' around your kitchen, and hear the little stories about some of the special items you have in there; I particularly love that gorgeous canvas on the wall, and your glass nativity scene- I bought the equipment for doing glass last year after some classes and still haven't done any!!!