Friday, July 31, 2015

weekly planner - week 32

week 32 prompt - what four qualities do you look for in people when choosing friends?
this week's prompt was generated by a conversation i was having with a person i know.  i was sitting and listening to her talk about people and voice complaints about how she was being treated in particular situations.  as i listened to her qualify her position on relationships it prompted me to think about my friendships.

i am generally very upbeat and like to laugh.  while there are some things that seem very black and white to me (dealing with ethics and morals), i would dare to say i tend to live in a gray world.  i like to think i'm  compassionate and empathetic and do my best to figure out certain behaviors people exhibit so i can avoid taking things personally.  having said that, i am human and come with flaws.  but i will say that i really dislike drama, gossip, and lies. 

i think the old adage is true, "that birds of a feather flock together".  i like to think that while i have many people i am friendly with, and a lot of people i would call acquaintences,  the people i hold dearest to my heart are those that would never lie to me no matter what,  because it is so important to me to know that i can trust my friends in any situation.  sometimes you need other people's honest opinions and perspectives to help adjust your own.

my closest friends are truly kind and compassionate.  i love to see those qualities in people. it is always so endearing to see someone doing or saying something nice to another person.  to me, that is such a blessing for everyone involved.

a sense of humor is so important to me.  since i love laughing and teasing, it is imperative that my friends can, not only tolerate my warped sense of humor, but tease back.  after all, if we can't laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at.

what qualities do you look for in choosing your friends?

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  1. such a fun page Roc, honesty and loyalty are what I look for!