Friday, July 3, 2015

weekly planner - week 28

week 28 - what do you believe?
a long time ago, in one of my journals i asked myself this question.  i had a million (not really that many) things i listed that i believed.  i read them the other day.  here are a few of things that earlier journal page listed:

i believe in god.
i believe that there are no coincidences - only synchroncities.
i believe that two wrongs don't make a right.
i believe in the golden rule.
i believe you reap what you sow.
i believe that a mother's kiss make every boo boo better.
i believe there is a thin person inside of me waiting to get out.
i believe in karma.
i believe grandchildren keep you young.
i believe the eyes are the windows to our souls.

there are plenty more where that came from, but it is just a mere sampling of beliefs i had, and still have as i rewrote them.

for this journal page i decided to simplify and make a different kind of page.  if i can just let go, get out of my own way and let god handle my life, i know all good things will come my way.  i can see that already happening in my life over the years.  i am truly blessed.

so tell me, what do you believe?

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