Friday, July 24, 2015

my weekly planner - week 31

week 31 prompt - what are some of your favorite things?
this week's prompt is all about a few of my favorite things. there is no earth shattering story to tell here. at this stage of my life i often am doing things that make me happy. 

being a wife and a mother, life seems to move at warp speed.  until you go to work, do household chores and meet the needs of your kids, there is little time left over for yourself.  so, to me, there is something wonderfully awesome about growing older. i think that being older and having an empty nest, allows you to put yourself first without feeling guilty.
there are so many things in my life that makes me feel good and i like to share. god has truly blessed me and every day i pray that i can be blessing to others.  i find deep fulfillment in giving and helping others where and when i can.

i know true happiness. i find joy in so many simple things. how "thank full" i am that god has seen me fit to enjoy my life so deeply.

what about you?  what are some of your favorite things?

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