Sunday, July 6, 2008

surprise! more postcards!

despite the fact that i went to our family's fourth of july celebration today i did find time to finish up a couple of postcards. but before i came home from the picnic i did indulge in some wonderful picnic food and had some really great family time. it was a beautiful day out today for a gathering so i felt very blessed by my day. it was nice to end the day in some art time and i find that i really enjoy making art the size of postcards (4 x 6). the artists in the postcard swap at the mail art site are making such wonderful postcards and when i see them i want them all. the work on that site is reallyl quite remarkable. it's been a struggle to make enough postcards for my inventory to have available for trades. it does seem that motivation seems to come in all forms. here is a look at the three postcards i finished today.


  1. Love all of your postcard creations! Your little girl in pink with her 'sizable' feet is absolutely wonderful! Wish I could bring myself to clean up a bit, things certainly do get out of hand!

  2. wonderful postcards. as always!!!