Wednesday, August 27, 2008

changing things up

it's been quite a long time since i've actually done art that has been in a form other than a postcard. someone asked me to exchange a rolodex card with them. it was a nice change of pace to do this plus i got to dig out these stamps to use. i bought them at the rubber stamp convention in april. when i saw them they made me smile. i have so many rolodex cards now that they no longer fit into my rolodex holder and i had to move them into a photgraph box until i figure something else out for storage. i didn't want to spend more money to get another rolodex holder and have them divided. eventually something will turn up that is just the perfect solution.


  1. you could give some to me, as my first tray isn't half full?

  2. and me. i don't have any!!! :)

    anyway, just wanted to say love the rolo; it's always fun when you use self-portraits!

  3. Ah yes, rolos.... I had almost forgotten about them;I could never get the holes quite correct! Anyways this is terrific - imaginative and inspiring.

  4. I LOVE the ones you do with these stamps! So glad I have one in my collection!
    Now...if we could only get you back into the atc's!!

  5. That little guy is so friggin' adorable I could eat him!

    I'm constantly amazed at what you can do with rubber stamps.