Saturday, December 6, 2008

christmas tag

i made this christmas tag for a challenge. it was pretty fun to do and i thought i'd make a couple more. i hope to have time this weekend to get around to doing that. of course i still don't have my christmas shopping done but i'd rather make art then fight the crowds.


  1. Beautiful tag Roc. I agree, make art and let the Christmas crowds battle it out themselves.

  2. It is always a treat to see what you have created! Hugs, honey!

  3. Love this tag...I have that stamp and you just reminded me I do!
    Always love your work....

  4. Shopping sucks! I used to love to shop when I was younger but I hate it now. It's the people!

    You should def stay home and make more and more and more tags. And then send me one! =)

  5. Roc, I love your Christmas tag! You and I are such kindred spirits. I made a Zetti jester hat exactly like that several weeks ago and stashed it in my ephemera box. I might just have to get it out today and make something in your honor!


  6. love this . . . very cute, roc. too effin' cute, if you ask me. :)