Friday, February 20, 2009

joyful journey

i've been working on another journal page using the same kind of background technique as the last posting. i actually feel like i want to write something either around the top of the mask, on the mask or on the right side of the mask. and i've also been tinkering with connecting the letters of joy to the mask, sort of like antannae. i'll have to put it aside and see what happens after i sleep on these ideas.

i've been intrigued by the whole thought of "masks" lately. have you ever thought about what masks you use during the day? do you even find that parts of you feel safer when incognito? why is it is so hard to just be who you are?


  1. oh i have no trouble just being me. LOL, people love or hate that about me!

    roc, i am SO in love with these jps. i want you to do a tutorial.
    i couldn't find bristol paper today :(
    next week i'm going to joann's; maybe i'll have luck there.

    finally, i like the idea of attaching the JOY to the mask via antennas. go for it!

  2. Teach a class on these...i LOVE these Ladies your Doing and all the journal pages...Wonderful!!!

  3. so rich and full of intense color! this is outstanding, roc! i agree with cathy...a tutorial would be great! hint..hint...

  4. Love the depth of color and the darker mask. Gives this piece a dramatic look.