Saturday, August 29, 2009

art time

i wanted to get something made for an august art challenge with the theme all things fairy. here is my atc that i did for it. i don't know where the time goes. i had the whole month to make something and i'm just sliding in with a few days to spare. it seems like my little legs are running full speed but i'm not getting anywhere. it frustrates me when i'm not as productive as i think i should be. i find i put lots of pressure on myself with this whole productivity thing. does anyone else have this issue?


  1. Oh yes, yes, yes I do! I know exactly what you mean. The more stressed I get about not being productive enough the more sluggish my imagination gets! think we're supposed to be doing this for fun! Love your fairy. Kate

  2. She's a WON-der-ful fairy, Roc! Sometimes the time just seems to whiz by! My family joke is that I used to be a lot taller, but after years of running around like a chicken, I'm a lot shorter!!!

    Totally understand and empathize with the "pressure" thing. I hate having to make a piece while I'm watching a clock - totally marshes my mellow! Love & Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. I love your art work..All the colors really draw my eye! I am really bad about putting pressure on myself too..For a long time I made something everyday and then life changed.. a lot! Maybe someday I will be able to do it again. I just try to relax and have fun with it ...Melinda

  4. I really like your art and can feel your frustration with the time issues. I found your site through Artful Blogging article and I'm glad I did. I'm a 'follower' now and will catch up on past posts when I get more of that elusive commodity... TIME! Thanks for sharing your art online.

  5. adorable pc.

    oh yeah, the productivity thing. i swear it rules my life. my husband frequently says to me, why is everything with you about what you do/don't get done.
    i don't know!

  6. Hi Roc,
    Don't be so hard on yourself, your - luv how your piece turned out.
    Thanks for your recent "visit" to my blog.
    Wishing you an artufl day.

  7. Your fairy art is lovely... I think we all feel pressure with the productivity rate of our work... but I think a lot of us work best under pressure... I think your work is beautiful... with or without pressure!

  8. You have always put out a lot of beautiful art.....whether under pressure or not you could never tell!
    I do a lot of running at full speed and getting little done!

  9. Oh, I so relate - my legs shrunk too. This is wonderful, Roc. It's perfect.