Saturday, October 31, 2009

journal pages

i'm in a nature journal swap, hosted by good art buddy, deb.  it's a long swap, lasting 10 months and each month you make a page for someone on the list.  i'm trying to stay one month ahead of schedule just because you never know what detours life throws your way. this journal page (which is the front and the back of a page) is for my great friend, cathy.  she lives in alaska so i had to do a snow page for her, altho i know she will contest that where she lives she gets more rain than snow, but in my head alaska and snow just go together.   i hope she likes them.


  1. How could she not be thrilled! These pages are wonderful and were created with a lot of love! Beautiful, Roc! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. Very beautiful and appropriate (Alaska = snow to me too!).. I am so looking forward to the pages you do for me! xox your G.A.B

  3. These are so wonderful,Roc!

  4. i live in the southeast panhandle of alaska--a "moderate rainforest" with a "maritime climate." translation: rain, rain, rain. it stinks.
    but we do get some snow, too. what we don't see a lot of is the sun! boo hoo.
    but i love the pages you made for me. your work always brightens my day!