Saturday, July 17, 2010

envelope journal

i am hosting a chunky envelope journal swap. this is the first page i've done, front and back.  i took a legal sized envelope and cut it in half. each half will become a page and each half has an open side that will have an insert that can be pulled out.  the pull out must contain an uplifting word or phrase.
each page must have text, a number and something with wings.  it is proving to be a fun challenge, altho time consuming.  i can't wait to see what the finished journal will look like.


  1. What a novel (and challenging) idea for a swap. I do hope you share it when it's complete. Your work so far is lovely.

  2. I like! What a cool idea. I have only done a couple of swaps and they always seemm to fall at a bad time, but I sometimes think the pressure to create something helps push you out of your comfort zone and helps you do something different. Great work. Sx

  3. Great idea Roc! It looks fantastic.

  4. Hi Roc,
    Oh, this is sooo neat. I love the idea and your style.
    Barb in Texas

  5. This is a great idea. I love the look to it, collaged, and birds, my favorites. I am a new paper crafter and blogger and would be honored if you would visit me. I loved that bookmark that you swapped also :)

  6. Just got here from hopping through some other blogs ;)
    Your work is gorgeous and these journal pages are terrific!!
    I'll be back..........

  7. I love this and the have been crazy busy....makes me feel like a slouch.....