Sunday, August 14, 2011

commissioned journal

i was recently commissioned to create an art journal for someone. i was given some ideas of what the person receiving the journal might like. it really enjoyed myself when i made this journal over the last few days. i find preparing the pages to receive the art is the most fun for me. i love to paint with my hands. that's right - no brushes were used in making these backgrounds. it's so freeing to me to smear the gesso and paint around with my fingers. i love how un-technical that is.

the cover

the first of the inside pages

more inside pages

a few more inside pages

and more

and the back cover


  1. It's gorgeous. Whoever will get this album will get a treasure. It's funny, I used the little kid with the white dress standing on the chair this afternoon too on one of my pages. It's a small world.
    You truly made a fascinating book! Congrats...

  2. Oh my I just want to hold it. I love all these pages, fabulous, fabulous journal pages :)

  3. Wonderful journal, you always use such fab colours. x

  4. OMG! I just signed back into The Matrix after a two-week break, and look at what I found!!! OMG! Roc, this journal is SUPERB!!!! (Using the "hand" was pure genius!!!) This is going to make someone ecstatic!!! Love & Hugs, Terri xoxo

  5. Beautiful job and oh so creative.
    Fabulous ability displayed.
    Love it .

  6. This is sooooo gorgeous! Really! I love the brightness, and your yummy details!

  7. Roc...those pages are stunning. Awesome job. She'll LOVE it!!

  8. What a wonderful gift to receive-- the recepient is going to be VERY excited--this is scrumptous!

  9. I love your style.......your colors are so bright and cheerful. The one who received your work will cherish it I am sure!

  10. HI Roc,
    Oooooh, what a lucky person to be receiving this amazing journal!
    lUv it !!
    Barb in Texas

  11. A lucky, lucky someone is going to receive that journal! So lovely!!!