Tuesday, September 6, 2011

september journal prompt

so sorry i'm late with september's journal prompt. we ran into some problems with hurricane irene and she won. we were without power for over a week. i finally have it restored and i'm truly thankful. i really took things for granted and then as i found myself displaced from home i understood the meaning of being more thankful every day with all the modern conveniences i'm accustomed to.
so the journal prompt for september is: what quote moves you in your everyday life? my quote is from buddah - what we think, we become.
as you may already know, this year i started a personal journal for myself and decided to start a group on flickr for anyone who would like to join along. if you want to join along, please join the flickr 2011 journal prompt group at: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1570781@N20/


  1. Wow Roc, your art journal pages are stunning, and I LOVE the quote you chose for your page :-)
    Sorry to hear about your hurricane troubles .... glad things are returning to normal for you :-)

  2. ooh terrific pages Roc, stunning as usual and loving the mantra. Good to hear that you are safe. x

  3. You must be thinking fabulous thoughts, Roc 'cuz you are AWEsome!!! And, btw, so is this spread!!! Great prompt!!! Hugs & Love, Terri xoxo

  4. Your journal pages are awesome. I am so sorry about your power outage - Irene really has effected so many. My heart goes out to all who will be effected for a very long time.

    Best to you always- Marilyn xxoo

  5. Hey Roc, I so love your blog. It's bright, colorful, and very happy. I really like color. I'm a quilter first. I have this huge addiction for fabric. But , I have been a closet art journal -er for 2 years now. I really hope to break out of my fear zone soon. I put you on my blog roll, so I can check in with you often. Hugs--Sandie

  6. What's up So Rocking Roc, I love that !!
    I am sorrry about your hurricane effects in your life. Great to hear you are safe.
    I love love love this fabulous page,so happy to view..
    The colours are bold and bright make me smile big.
    I have missed you greatly, this summer was a demanding one for me.Sending big artful smiles and take care amazing sweet friend.Sending lots of positive thoughts. Love Laura.xoxx

  7. WOW love the colorful pages full of life and so many getails too see!

  8. Great prompt and your art journal pages are awesome, so colourful and love your quote.
    My journal page is on my blog if you care to take a look.

  9. another great month, Roc! I would so love to see all your pages in real life, maybe someday...