Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 monthly journal prompt group

journal information:

this will be a continuing journal project from the 2011 year. if you already had started with us in 2011 then you will have your journal. if you are new to the 2012 group you will need to make your own personal journal from what ever your choose, in any media you choose, with as many pages as you want. this journal should be as individual as you.

how the journal challenge will work:

on the first of each month i will give a journal prompt and you will have the whole month to do a journal page(s) around that specific journal prompt. you can do one or two pages depending what you feel you want to do. at the end of the month you can upload your journal spread for inspiration to the flickr group (see below).

when we will start working in our own personal journals:

this will start january 1, 2012 and end with our last journal prompt in december.

i have created a flickr group in 2011 to go along with this journal prompt too. we will continue with that same group for this year. please check it out here:

monthly prompt for january - what is something you want to do this year?


  1. I want to write. I want to edit books by friends. I want to be less shy.

  2. Great prompt, and your page is gorgeous like always!.

    I know I have been flaky with this one but I really want to get back into journaling so I am going to give it another go this year.

  3. This year, my resolution is to make time for some personal art time, and I've just this minute joined your Flickr group. This year, I intend to do more journaling, and look forward to joining in with your all.

  4. fabulous!! Love the journaling and the gorgeous bright colours you have used! Hugs Juls

  5. I try not to make resolutions, I just always want to try to be better in all ways, and remember to be kind!

  6. Also....your page is gorgeous, AMAZING, and phenomenal!

  7. Ooooh I was going to do something like this, but now I won't have to because you are! I'm up for this ... off to think of a suitable page.

  8. Ok I definitely want to do this...I am already thinking about the prompt...what a great idea.