Sunday, August 26, 2012

a loving community

sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you have to rely on people around you and ask for help. it isn't always easy to have depend on others for help, but it is necessary.  thank goodness i have a great little community of people around me that love me and are willing to help.  how blessed i am.


  1. You have always helped me, spiritually and thru your friendship. Sometimes we need to lean on others, and I am glad to hear you have that support....I love ya Roc, please always feel you can count on me.
    Your piece is magnificent, I just freakin love everything you do! HUgs!

  2. Hope things smooth themselves out for you soon Roc. Great to hear you have a good network around you. True friends are precious ♥

    Love your page as always xxx

  3. oh man Roc...I bet people feel blessed to help you....FABUUUUULOUS creation here...LIKE ALWAYS!!