Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Join Roc Nicholas for a series of Art Journaling classes... 
She Scrapbooks Roc Nicholas
Art Journal 101 - Getting Started
Saturday, May 11th
1:00 till 5:00
Cost: $40

Call She Scrapbooks to reserve your seat. Payment is due at time of reservation.
Minimum class size of 5 students

Please see She Scrapbooks Newsletters for details for Art Journaling Classes 102 & 103 offered on May 13th and May 25th (102) and May 20th (103). 
Classes should be taken in order to receive full benefit of the elements being taught!

If you have been wanting to learn more about how to journal,  this class will help you get started.  You will start from the very beginning by learning how to create a journal that can be used for all types of media.   You will be exposed to a multitude of tips and techniques to create many of your own amazing collage/mixed media art journals. 
The journal you create in this first class will become your canvas to paint, draw,glue and create works of art throughout the first few classes.  You will be given lots of information about different mediums and brands so you can make informed choices what you'd like to add to your art supply.  
We will begin to explore color and discuss things to do to produce a pleasing page.  You will uncover ways to make the most out of your color palette and learn to create simple, but beautiful backgrounds that can make a strong visual statements.  
Class Supply List:
*water color paper pad - 140 lb cold pressed Strathmore - 300 or 400 series
sizes for pads that will work:  11 x 15   or   12 x 18
if you can't find strathmore look for canson with the same size  that is 140 lb cold pressed.  
*craft mat
*you will need a few colors of paint for your backgrounds.  lighter colors are easiest to use. 
 you can bring either acrylics and/or watercolors if you want to work with 
    both of them - but just one will do. 
          acrylic paints of your choice: 
            craft acrylic any of these are acceptable professional acrylics - bring a few
            colors of what you have on hand
          fluid acrylics
          watercolors (in the tube works better than a pan for backgrounds)
*heat gun
*brushes for the kind of paint you will be using
*water bucket/container
*paper towels
*a few paper scraps - vintage text/light patterned papers are good choices
*one or two colors of sprays
*one or two masks
*a pencil
*a large eyed needle
*linen thread or a heavy cotton thread or unscented dental floss
*an awl or needle piercing tool

Optional to bring if you have it on hand:
(Please don't buy these unless you want to because you do not need these supplies to take this class.  They are listed optional in case you have them on hand and you want to bring them along for use on your pages.)

an old credit card
masking tape
a few colored pencils
black stazon ink and a text stamp
a small piece of bubblewrap
pan pastels and applicators (these can be used with or without paints) 
a spray fixative (if you use pan pastels)

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