Wednesday, December 4, 2013

wednesday - what i'm working on

i finally am spending time with my watercolors. i bought an 11 x 14 bound journal at hobby lobby a few weeks ago. i love the bigger size and just wanted a thinner pound paper to do drawing and light watercolor in. this journal is meant to be my SLOPPY journal. i find i am always working so neat and tidy, paying attention to details, so i wanted to experiment with being messy. well no matter how i slop the paint onto the background,  i find i'm doing tiny lettering and lots of small details and feeling annoyed when i go outside of the lines, so i'm giving up the messy part and just making art.
a 2 page spread
now this journal is just a place to draw, doodle and write random thoughts.  i'm at peace with what ever gets created in it, messy or neat.  it's hardly worth doing art if i'm going to judge is as not messy enough.  i'm really enjoying working in it.  here is the first two page spread i did.  i keep going back and adding more doodles and color, so i'm not sure it is finished yet.

when i first started out working on this paper i did not like it because it was so thin and bled through easily, not to mention tore if it was damp and you tried to write on it.  but now i find those characteristics to be especially endearing and i love all the bleed throughs from front to back.  the randomness of the marks that comes through are amazing - like the circle around the girls eye.  i couldn't have planned that any better.

up close of the cabbages
i love bunnies just as much as cabbage.  i don't believe i've met a way cabbage can be prepared that i don't love it. 
my violets on the lanai - an ode to my gram
one day i sat on the lanai and admired the violets that were blooming in all of their glory.  i had to put their memory in my journal.  my gram was such a lover of violets and i'm sure, even though she has passed, she is taking care of them for me and helping them to blossom continually. 

i hope to share on a few wednesday here and there what i'm working on in this journal.  the spreads go slowly since i love a busy page, but i'm sure i can show snippets of parts of page at least.  i hope you'll stop back to see more of this journal as it progresses.


  1. Love your new messy journal. I may have to give that a try!

  2. this is a great idea...I have a small one but LOVE this :)

  3. luv yr messy journal. i tend to lean that way, and feel bad that i don't put in the attn to detail that i see other's do.
    i think it comes down to, what's it for? and to be ok with that.
    mine are usually for creative expression, so the details don't matter to me much.
    no matter what yours is for, enjoy the journey. (I know u do!)
    ty for sharing :)

  4. This looks so awesome!! Love it! So very inspiring.

  5. Lovely to have a peek inside something so personal, thank you for sharing. Roc as always you are such a great inspiration. Enjoy your new paints.xx