Friday, January 10, 2014

documented life project

i'm still working on the documented life planner as i can.  the journal prompt for week two was to use a photo/drawing of yourself. 


  1. Just wanted to say I just read your article in Art Journaling...with the gratitude journal!!!! I am sooooo going to do moved me greatly...and my spirit just jumped ...that I NEED to make one for myself.
    I'm having a hard time right now... and I just need to be grateful in the midst of the chaos. So, thank you!!!!! for the inspiration!!!! hugs

  2. Hi Roc, I live in Orlando and just finished read
    ing your very inspiring article in the latest " Journaling". I just found your blog and read you are doing Robin Marie's "Document your Life". I am too and I'm enjoying it so much. I plan to visit your blog often. Keep creating and be happy. Happy New Year!

  3. so cool Roc! I used a pic of me from Kindergarten! This is great! Have I told u I love everything you do? :)