Friday, April 11, 2014

a little trip north

my husband and i were blessed to be able to take a little trip up north recently to stay with my youngest son and his wife.  we were needed to babysit the kids for a bit. it was our first time to visit them in staten island. i'm glad my daughter-in-law was fearless in the face of that traffic. i admit i had to hold my breath and close my eyes a time or two til we made it to their house from the airport.
i took a few photos of my family with my phone while i was visiting.   when i got back home to florida i couldn't wait to print them out on my little happy printer my husband bought me for my birthday this year. gosh,  i just love that printer. it makes perfect sized photos to include in my journals. i made this double sided tip in for my documented life planner.
what a special way to remember our trip.  if there is anything better than the love of a good family and grandchildren hugs and kisses, i've yet to discover it.  i am truly blessed in so many ways.


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  2. Traffic shammific it was a joy to have you visit and always nice to have extra hands with my two busy bodies.I love the picture of the boys and their mimi and pap not only cuz i took it lol... we need a copy for a frame from that special printer of your's. I hope everyone enjoys what a good lookin family you have if I don't say so myself .:)

  3. How wonderful! There's nothing like baby lovin' !! So glad you were able to getaway and spend time with the family. 😊