Sunday, August 24, 2014

more documented life project photos

week 31 - make a pocket and put your week's treasures in it
i made a pocket out of my train ticket information from our trip up north to see our family and friends.  it was our first experience on the auto train.  i think it will be our last.  it was murphy's law on the way up.  a tree fell on the train track and caused us to sit for nearly 2-1/2 hours until the maintenance crew arrived and cleared the track.  our air conditioner in the car we were in did not work properly and couldn't be fixed.  we sweated so much for the 19 hours we were on there.  the ride was very bumpy.  so anyone who suffers from motion sickness be warned.  i didn't feel good the entire trip despite of having my motion ease and dramamine.  there was an older woman a few seats behind who talked extremely loudly and was on the phone for many hours complaining to all of her family.  my seat was broken and was uncomfortable to say the least.  we were glad to have the experience so now we know we much prefer flying or driving.  i know many people who love using the auto train, but my husband and i are not one of them.

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  1. I had always wondered about the auto train, so thank you for your candid review! I too am prone to motion sickness, so I think we too shall fly or drive where ever we go. I can tell you the trains in Japan are worlds different than the couple of short trips I've been on here in the States. I do not have any issues with the trains in Japan. Good thing, since that's the way we'll be traveling for the most part once we get there next month!