Tuesday, November 4, 2014

a swag project

on a shopping trip to a little antique mall a few months ago i saw a little swag and the penants were cut from an old quilt. i was really tempted to buy 2 for my headboard, but as always, when i saw the price was 9.99 for one, i thought, "oh i can make that". normally i never get around to doing that but this time i actually did sit down to make one for myself. i really wanted them to look shabby and vintage so i wasn't worried that my sewing skills are not too great.  i just figured it would work with the look i was going for.
it took all day to create it.  sewing bits of lace proved to not be easy because it kept wanting to bunch up under the pressure foot of the machine.  but i stuck with it and finished it after about 5 hours.  i hung it up this morning and i love it.

here are a couple of up close shots of the little penants.  lots of vintage laces, old fabrics, a few recycled clothing fabrics, too, an old hankie and a few buttons used to make them.
i hope you feel inspired to try making one for yourself.  it was a lot of work but so worth it in the end.


  1. That's gorgeous, Roc! Love the shabby, vintage look.

  2. they are adorable. cool you stuck with it!!

  3. As I go around to different craft fairs during the holiday season I always do that, "I can make that myself" and then I never really do it! HAHA! I'm glad I'm not the only one. These pennants are fab Roc, I'm so glad that you decided to give these a go, they turned out really nicely!

  4. It's BEAUtiul, Roc!!! Yes, you could've bought it, but it's more meaningful that you've created it yourself!!! I hope it provides many sweet dreams!!! Hugs!!! ♥ Terri

  5. How wonderful! And what a great way to dress up your headboard. Roc, I swear that you're as talented with your sewing machine as you are with paints and ink. Great job! xoxoxo

  6. Tis a really beautiful swag Roc, love the colours and texture, love how it sits perfectly against the distressed (and beautiful by the way:-)) backdrop xoxo
    Rolf - I needs to put my specs on though as I've been looking for 'peanuts' hahaha <3
    Kassa xoxo