Saturday, January 9, 2016

2016 planner

it is always such a treat to start my planner for the new year.  this year is extra special to me because i am incorporating my bible studying into creating it.  i've always done what i thought was my best to strengthen my relationship with GOD but i have come to realize that perhaps my best hasn't really been my best after all.

seeking GOD is a daily, minute to minute, journey.  i'm asking myself many questions this year to bring god closer to me, such as:  do i pray before i react? am i judging?  am i allowing grace and forgiveness in all areas?  so i continue to seek GOD in every aspect of my life.

my week one is over and here are the transformations in my journal. to see my blank pages you can click here. 

  this is week one after i journaled my week:
last week the verse, "when i sit in darkness the LORD will be a light to me" was especially poignant.  there were moments of great darkness over the holiday for my husband and i.  we prayed through out the days and weeks, read our scriptures and attended church seeking HIS light.  i know HE has not forsaken me and i am at finally at peace.  i doubt i would have reached this place with out the blessing of HIS grace and mercy.
and now i'm on week two.  here are my seeking verses to contemplate for the week:

 how is your planner coming along?  how are you seeking god?  i'd love to hear all about it if you feel like sharing with me.

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