Monday, February 1, 2016

my planner - week 5

it's hard to believe i've finished up week four and have begun to work in february's pages.
week 4 finished
here are the starting pages for february.
february's word for the month is pray.
pray without ceasing. to me that's being mindful in every moment and seeing god in all circumstances, in all people and in things. it means, to me, to be in a constant communing with god.  have i achieved that? no. but i do work on it daily. and i'm proud of that, no matter how far i have to go to be worthy.
this is my february divider.
this is my month at a glance pages with week 5 verses to ponder on.
month at a glance page
month at a glance page

week 5 verse to ponder

week 5 verse to ponder



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