Thursday, January 5, 2017

this year planners

yup.  you read that right.  planners is plural.  i have never tried to keep two planners at the same time so this is a first for me.  i always prep a planner during the year for the following year but there is no commitment to write in it.  

i had planned on doing a me and my big ideas planner for 2017.  i always have a different theme for each year.  so i decided that mambi planner this year would be a year of mundane and ordinary photos from around my house.  a photo day of things i probably don't pay too much attention to at any given moment.

so here is the first half of the week started.  i like the fact of the photos each day but i believe i prepped it with too many other things because i write big and there isn't much room left over for me to write about my day.  other than that i think it's going to be a great planner and i couldn't be happier with the theme i chose.
my second planner came about because of my obsessive/compulsive behavior.  i saw some people using a hobonichi planner about two years ago and i loved it.  but since i had already gotten a midori planner that i hadn't used yet, i just couldn't bring myself to justifying the purchase of a hobonichi.

but as my mind would have it, or wouldn't have it might be better said, i couldn't let it alone.  so i ordered one.  i'm so happy i did.  i knew i wanted this planner to draw and use watercolor, stickers and washi tape.

  so here are my first few days, although i will state, there is still some tiny spaces i may have to fill in with something as time goes on.

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  1. OMG! I just LOVE these!!! I'm drooling all over my keyboard, Roc!!! They're amazing!!! ♥