Sunday, August 10, 2008

a new postcard challenge

i just joined a new group for postcard challenges. the host provides you with a collage sheet of various images and you are to try to use as many as you can in your art entry for the week. i chose to do a postcard because, as everyone can see, i am currently obsessed with making them. they are so fun to trade tho, as they are easy to mail (no envelope required), are only 20 some cents to mail in the u.s. and are a great size to work on. here is my entry for this week's challenge.


  1. Your art is absolutely beautiful and I'm adding you to my feed.

  2. This is so much beautiful collage !
    I wish I'm in the group too !!

    Lay Hoon

  3. Amazing card and so are all your other cards!
    I found you via the Sunday Postcard Challenge blog.

    What group is this that you're part of?