Friday, March 27, 2009

shades of grey journal page

here is another journal page that i am working on from pam carriker's shades of grey workshop that i am taking. i really am itching to add color! i know it's my journal and i could add color to it but the whole point of the workshop is to it in the shades of grey using the shades of grey pitt pens. i think it's probably good for my brain to take a break from color every once in a while. i love the quote on this page, so in case you can't read it to ponder on, here is what it says:

life is just a mirror, and what you see out there, you
must first see inside of you. -wally amos-


  1. Awesome Roc. The black and white really makes the page stand out.

  2. This is absolutely awesome! Am really enjoying your shades of gray. Thanks for sharing, Roc! Hugs!

  3. I love this!Actually I love doing my pencil art the most and you can get so much depth in black and greys!There is something so relaxing about drawing and shading!

  4. Your page looks awesome! Please post more from the class, I'm very interested. I just researched the "Shades of Grey" and I'm wondering about my urge to add color to everything too!

    Can you tell me how this class has benifited you? What skills have you gained from the class?
    Do you consider the teacher easy to learn from and liker her teaching style?

    Is it possible to add a water color wash over these "shades of grey sketches or do you use something water soluable that prevents this?