Wednesday, June 10, 2009

odd things

someone is hosting an atc swap called odd things with wings and here is one of the cards i drew to send in. this image is totally based on a teesha moore drawing i saw a long time ago when i visited her site. her style appeals to me very much. i personally love drawing and coloring them in using markers and colored pencils, so when ever i do a piece of art where i use that technique i wonder why i don't do it more often. i can't draw well at all, and have never really studied art on any level but a class of something here or there as an adult, but irregardless, i am always amazed at how i get lost in the making of doodles. can you tell that this card was made in a "blue phase"? i chuckle as i write that as i'm still in that self pity mode with my son moving to south carolina, however, i actually laughed this morning with my husband at breakfast so i'm healing my broken heart. but it's true..nothing lasts forever...and only change is the the single constant in our journeys here on earth. i know in my head that change is good because it forces us to grow in ways we couldn't imagine, but for someone who likes routine and being in "the rut" it can be a hard pill to swallow sometimes.


  1. oh lil buddy don't be are in his heart forever. Big Hugs, Diane

  2. Sorry you are feeling blue Roc..I know how you feel, my Sis went to US for 3 years, but now they are staying, and I don't know when I will see her again.

  3. Oh, I feel what you're saying my dear friend. We could have a good ol' pitty party if we wanted to - seems a lot of us are going through stuff we don't want to be going through. Maybe slapping would help? hee hee

  4. I so so envy your style it's just so original, I love it.

    Wonderful card.

  5. I just love your odd little Zetti dragonfly, Roc. I also wanted to tell you that aftr having a child at home for 25 years (my sons are 7 yrs. apart), I thought I would never survive my youngest leaving for college. Being a mother was what I was the best at. It was who I was. Completely, It was that very year, however, that I rediscovered art, and I am now the happiest I've ever been in my life. I'm just saying that things are never like you think they will be, and YOU ARE GOING TO BE FINE, Not just fine, but HAPPY. I know it! Keep telling yourself this.


    PS South Carolina is pretty close to where I live. We could meet for a weekend in Charleston!

  6. oh Roc, i totally empathise with you. my eldest daughter is in her last year at school, and it devastates me to think about her moving away to university. all you hear is people saying about how they cant wait to get rid of their kids, i cannot feel like that. They are my life.

    ps ~ you can draw!