Sunday, February 19, 2012

and the winner is.......

sharon said...

Hooray!!!! A huge congrats' to you superstar Roc! These are amazing, just like your style! I love them....scooter girl is the bomb, and horse, and daisyhead, and alll of them!
Hugs to happy for you!

CONGRATULATIONS sharon! one of the stamps you mentioned will be sent to you! i hope you enjoy it!


  1. Hey lucky gal :) Congrats to you !!!

  2. Wow...I won!! Woohooo!!! Thanks so much Roc! I am super excited!

  3. Hello there Miss Roc! I see you have been up to some fabulous things! You are so talented and I am thrilled at your continuing success.

  4. congrats sharon. i am super duper jealous of you right now.

    You rock roc for giving away a stamp of yours. thats so awesome of you.