Monday, February 27, 2012


i'm sending you on a scavenger hunt for this give away. i'm working on a bird banner for my little art space in florida. above are the four birds you will be using for the hunt. each bird has a variety of stamped elements from my personal rubber stamp line at stampotique. to enter you must find the total number* of elements that are stamped from my rubber stamps. i warn you - while some are easy to spot there are some that will be tricky to catch! (*hint: there are more than 12.) and yes...count each stamped element on each bird - some stamps are used are used more than once. you are looking for the total number of stamped elements on each bird for the grand total.
leave a comment with the total number of pieces you spot and if you are correct your name will go into a random name draw to win a surprise mailing of one of my very own stamps! i will list all the elements used from my stamps so in case you missed one you can see what it might have been when the winner is chosen. i will pick a winning name on march 5th. good luck!


  1. four hundred ninety two (i know, because you are just that clever!)
    seriously, these guys are adorable <3

  2. I did my best and I count 19 total unique elements. I noticed some duplicates on the birds, but only counted its use just once! Hope I'm right...would love to win! BTW, the birds are adorable!!! You are so clever.

  3. These are beautiful! Beautifully created.

  4. Hi Roc !
    Oh, I luv, luv, luv these birds!!!
    Take care,

  5. sorry roc no one played. I just became a follower of yours and this one totally slipped by me. It wont happen again. these birds are gorgeous