Monday, March 24, 2014

stampotique time PLUS a give away

it's monday again and time to post my project for the stampotique blog.  i have been a sewing frenzy lately.  there is something about stitching that i adore.

i used a few stamps for this. one of the obvious stamps i used is my stacked love stamp.  i hand cut out each letter so i could put it in a straight line.  i love to cut small things out. it's like therapy for me.  another obvious stamp is the flying heart stamp on the background.

one stamp in particular i used only a part of it in the most unusual fashion.  can you spot it?  if you do guess right i'll send you the envelope.  if there is more than one correct answer i'll do a random name draw.

so hurry up and leave your guess and i'll tell you the answer on march 30th.  only one guess per person, please.  good luck!


  1. Since I just won the envelope last week, I must not grab this one, too, but I see it! I see it! Very clever, Roc!

  2. The little bird from "Be Grateful" is so CUTE ;oD
    I also like how you unstacked the "Stacked Love."
    This is another wonderful envelope, Roc!

  3. I think it is the little bird from the 'Be Grateful' stamp that is sitting on the 'v'.
    I hope it is, because this envelope is FAB !!!
    Corrie x

  4. If I do see it, it's very clever! I think you've used the top part of the small letter b in Be Grateful upside down as the bottom part of the letter i in this project! Am I right? :)

  5. Because the bird is pointing right it is be Grateful as be u points left!
    Love your stamps Roc have lots!

  6. Be great full as the bird is looking right! Have lots of your stamps Roc!

  7. I LoVe this envelope Roc, it's my favourite so far ... and a puzzle too! I had to go to and look at your images - I agree with Jacqui and Corrie, stacked love doesn't have a bird so you've used the one from be grateful. Very clever :)

  8. It is the darling tiny bird which perches high.
    Love it