Thursday, December 11, 2014

guest designer for the roc nicholas rubber stamp design team

meet karen hayselden.  she is a guest designer for the roc nicholas rubber stamps design team and i couldn't be more thrilled she loves to use my rubber stamps!  karen, aka kassa, lives in yorkshire in the united kingdom.  she lives in a  beautiful part called wharf valley.  she says, “you can look across the valleys on any given day, through the sunshine, wind, rain, snow, rainbows and always be blown away with the spectaluar views that  mother nature offers up on a daily basis”.   she lives in this magical place with her husband and teenage daughter.  they all share residence with three furry companions.  she has a pug who can be found at her feet, keeping them warm and two very nosey giant leonberger dogs.

karen grew up with art all around her.   she states her mom was an amazing artis who painted stunningly detailed, vivid, botanical art and was also a pottery teacher. kassa’s grandfather was an accomplished artist who created fine architectural and magnificent landscape pieces. both of karen’s grandmothers were amazing at all sorts of crafts, including sewing, knitting, cooking and flower arranging. 

with all that artistry in her family it is no wonder karen loves being in her craft room. she loves the balance she has found within its walls.  she admits she can get into a frantic, hyper mode so she needs a few diversions in her room with her, such as her dogs and keeping her television on.  she usually opts for a channel that has something interesting on like a detective or thriller program.  the dogs and tv help to distract her making for a perfectly balanced work environment.

kassa’s artwork has a little shabby chic edge to it. she is happiest combing all sorts of mediums that helps to push her boundaries and helps to keep her art evolving.  i think you'll agree with me that karen's work is wonderful.

what beautiful colors in this piece of art!  karen used my cat rubber stamp and my lace border stamp to create this.
you can see the layers she used to create a beautiful three dimensional piece of art.  what a great job she did!
how adorbale is this!  what a clever way to use my horse stamp.  i love the fringe that's been added for the mane and tail.

i love all the textures karen used to create this.  it's such a wonderful idea.  i love how cleverly she has used my rubber stamps.  that makes me very happy.

to see more of her work you can visit her blog,  kassa - delight in the details, by clicking here.


  1. I was lucky enough to be paired with Karen in the latest swap and I received her fantastic puddy tat postcard. I can say that it is even more spectacular in person than in photographs!
    Congrats on being a Guest Designer, Karen!

  2. Kassa is a perfect choice for this month's Guest Designer! Her talent and your stamps are a perfect pair! Congrats, Kassa!