Monday, December 22, 2014

i'm having a give away

there is something seriously wrong with me and my love for tape.  all kinds of tape.  washi tape.  duct tape, packaging tape. masking tape.  venting tape.  i have it all.  yes...i have a HUGE collection.  so big i should be ashamed when i tell you i have over 300 rolls of tapes.  i should be even more hesitant to say i still hunt for patterns i don't have.

i would say my affinity for packaging tape started quite a long time ago.  i love coming up with ideas on how to use it.  i was sent an idea through pinterest  that my friend, cathy parmelee, had come across about making packaging tape postcards.  i couldn't believe i hadn't thought of that!  i use it for nearly everything else and anyone who knows me i LOVE postcards.

in fact i make postcards monthly to send to family and friends every month.  it has been a great way to keep in touch with those people whom i love dearly.  so the two ideas together makes total sense to me.

following through the pinterest site information on the postcard didn't provide exact instructions, so i just decided to wing it and see what i could come up with.  now, keeping in mind this was my first attempt, i am on postcard number five and i'm seeing more and more how to create them.

here is the front of my packaging tape postcard.  i have the name of the recipient erased through photoshop because i want it to be a surprise.
here is the back of the postcard.  of course, i had to erase the message since it had her name on it.
and here it is held up to the glass sliding door so you can see how you can see through it.  it's such a great technique and i will work on refining it.

i love making them so much that i decided i will make one for one lucky winner.  i will pick a winner sometime next week so that you can start off your new year with a piece of mail art.  all you have to do is leave a comment below.   merry christmas!


  1. Wow, these are very cool Roc. I also have a tape thing, and now that they are making so many decorative tapes, I'm broke from tape. Haha!! Love the postcards you made, they are so cool.

  2. Wow, that is a great idea! I have been meaning to try making postcards for a while now and this is definitely inspiring. Thanks for setting the spark! :)

  3. Love these post cards! The peeking moose is a riot! Who doesn't love Washi tape? I love Pinterest too! Would LOVE to win some of your work! I keep trying! Perhaps 2015 will be my year? Happy Holidays!

  4. Love this idea . . gonna try it soon.

  5. I'm only just discovering tape!
    I'd love to find out more about how you made your card - I love it!

  6. I love it,I would like to see and feel it in real,is it strong enough to send?

  7. That is a very cool idea for a postcard! You are so CREATIVE!

  8. carla- yes. it will be strong enough to send through the mail!

  9. Love it Roc. Hope you liked my picture sent Sunday ;-)

  10. ROC - any chance of a step by step on one of these lovely cards? I'd love to know how to get going. These are gorgeous!

  11. Such a lovely season to send mail.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  12. That is so very cool! I'd not heard about tape postcards, but now I have to go check out Pinterest!

  13. Merry Christmas to you Roc!!!
    Great technique, your card looks fab! And oooh 300 tapes, really hahaha, that's absolutely fantastic WOW!!!! I would love having such collection, thanks for sharing this lovely story about what you love to put on your wonderful postcards.. :) Coco x

  14. I received my fabulous postcard and it is even more fabulous in person! Your creativity and love for tape just made my day! Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your creations. They are totally rock with Inspiration!

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