Friday, May 15, 2015

weekly planner - week 21

week 21 prompt - what is something that annoys you?
today my page was done because i was feeling especially annoyed by a rude secretary at a medical office.  she was wanting me to do something i really did not want to do or felt the need to do,  but i lost in that conversation and ended up doing it her way. 

it always makes me wonder there are some things that get me so wound up and other things just roll off my back.  i really would love to be "un-annoyable".  it hasn't happened yet in my 55 years so i'm guessing i need to be expecting a miracle.

what about you?  what is something that annoys you?  come on...i can't be the only one, can i?


  1. Desk Dragons annoy me too Roc, a long with anyone who has no manners!
    Love your page :)

  2. Somehow I picture you as gently stepping through the rude secretary's hoop rather than jumping through. Love this journal page,

  3. Great page Roc, I get really annoyed by rude people and there are so many.....
    Corrie x

  4. love your page,I am your age and I was very annoyed last week that I was seen as a assistent employee,so I still am thinking about it how to deal with situations like that.