Friday, May 1, 2015

weekly prompt - week 19

week 19 prompt - how would you describe your life?
this week's prompt was brought about circumstances happening that were beyond my control.  there seems to be cycles in my life when outside events with those i love cause turmoil and chaos deep within my soul.  i am always quick to pray about it, but being human, there are times i feel great sorrow and have feelings of helplessness.   it is hard to watch people you care about suffer.

i have learned that we truly cannot help anyone that doesn't want to be helped.  manipulation, deception,  and half truths can cause havoc if you allow it.  prayer is the solution for me.  letting go and letting god is difficult at best sometimes,  but in the end,   the only journey that is our business is our very own.

i pray daily to be a blessing in other people's lives.  sometimes the greatest blessing we can be is to love and pray for  people from a far,  and just skip the three-ring circus all together.

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  1. I think it all starts with our attitude. Change the things we can and forget about the rest! Life is too short.