Friday, September 11, 2015

week 38 daily planner

week 38 prompt - what was your most favorite present ever?
this week's planner page was prompted by recalling a memory of a bicycle i received for christmas one year.  i asked for a bike and what i received was beyond my wildest expectations.  waking up that christmas morning and finding a special bike waiting just for me was thrilling.  it was the most beautiful blue with white trim and big white seat.  it had a wonderful wicker basket strapped on the handle bars.  it was truly a dream bike.  in those days there weren't speed bikes.  it had one speed and stopped by pushing the peddles backwards.  we lived in the pocono mountain area but that didn't stop me from riding my bike every where.  to this day it is one of my happiest memories of a gift i received.

what about you?  what was your most favorite gift?

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